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103 reviews | Trustscore 9.7 | Website

Automatic Aftersales Trigger Email Campaigns - Free and Open Source, 5 minutes installation for osCommerce, Zen Cart, CRE Loaded, xtCommerce, oscMax

2. SecPoint

68 reviews | Trustscore 9.6 | Website

SecPoint is an Innovative IT security Vendor of UTM anti spam appliances,pen testing appliances, Vulnerability Scanning, Wifi Security Auditing

3. MYSecurityCenter

385 reviews | Trustscore 9.5

In the last 2 days I discovered some very interesting things on my computer. It was running slow, strange,very extreme PORN things showing up on w…

4. Auslogics

106 reviews | Trustscore 9.5

I remember this program from a few years ago when we had it on every computer at work (installed by our IT department). A former colleague reminded m…

5. Avast

483 reviews | Trustscore 9.4

Personal computer virus protection is an absolute essential piece of software to have these days. For years, I've tried out many different types of s…


29 reviews | Trustscore 9.4

My name is Michele, President of Results Marketing. I have worked with technology and with web development companies for 29 years. I just happened…

7. BullGuard

68 reviews | Trustscore 9.3 | Website

BullGuard Antivirus, Firewall, Spamfilter and Backup. A complete end-user/small business Internet Security suite offered by BullGuard

8. Xicom Technologies Ltd.

31 reviews | Trustscore 9.3

Associating with xicom technologies was really a smart move for us. We appreciate their professionalism and expertise in web development industry and…

9. MYMobileSecurity Ltd.

26 reviews | Trustscore 9.3

Excellent software! Worth every penny.


30 reviews | Trustscore 9.2

I was close to adding Xfinity's home security to my other Comcast services but the ranking information on this site helped me choose a different opti…

11. Dvdexploder

18 reviews | Trustscore 9.1

Dvdexploder has the fix to remove the region code for the Samsung DVD-D530 that I recently purchased in Italy. I am now able to play all the DVDs I b…

12. SuperSaaS

43 reviews | Trustscore 9.0

SuperSaas is like the perfect silent partner in my business - it automatically adjusts for clients in different time zones, it sends out appointment …

13. SpeedyComputer

19 reviews | Trustscore 9.0

I used to have a lot of problems with freezing, flash, and repeated errors and warnings. Got speedy computer and my computer literally got speedy. n…

14. jAlbum

1,424 reviews | Trustscore 8.8

Hello, I 'm using Jalbums for a year or so and have bought a Premium account which from my perspective of a central European citizen is pretty ex…

15. eProvided

47 reviews | Trustscore 8.7

I lost a SD card full of photos from a Vacation. eProvided was able to get all my photos back from the trip! It was affordable and the personnel wa…

16. RJL Technology Integration

27 reviews | Trustscore 8.6 | Website

Exactly what I needed in a short time! Thanks RJL! Will definitely spreed the word about your company!

17. Soft4less

8 reviews | Trustscore 8.6

Excellent Price. Happy with the product. Even happier with the service.

18. SoftwareCW

126 reviews | Trustscore 8.5 | Website

SoftwareCW is a growing provider of computer software for personal, businesses, governmental and educational institutions. Headquartered in Iowa, Sof…

19. Vizik

7 reviews | Trustscore 8.5

First time ordering through Vizik Digital Solutions and had no problems whatsoever. Panasonic Toughbook delivered exactly as per what it said on thei…

20. Interlink Software

10 reviews | Trustscore 8.4

Veery good service. I particularly liked the fact that the system seems to use the best of technology, but with a human touch (i.e. I was aware that …