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I ordered 2 personalized items that were the same for a birthday gift for twins. I received one item, but not the second. I e-mailed with a polite e-mail that I had not received the 2nd, believing it was just a shipping error. I received no response to my e-mail, so I called. I got a rude response that yes she had gotten my e-mail and it comes from the vendor, not them. I waited for another week and half, with still no item. I called again and was told that I would need to speak to the shipping person, but she was not there. She never bothered to call and I still don't have my item. Very poor customer service, won't be shopping there again.
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Worst Service Ever

I ordered an item on the 7th of December. Upon choosing the item, the first problem was it was a 'personalized' item that the company later told me had to be drop shipped from another vendor. This was not indicated when I chose the item. After a week or so of waiting to even hear anything back about whether the item had even left, I attempted to e-mail them with the 'tracking number' that they provided me. This number apparently wasn't attached to any order whatsoever.

When I was informed that the item would take 2-4 weeks to be delivered I wanted to change the address that the item would be shipped to due to being out of town for the holidays. This item was supposed to be a gift for my husband for Christmas, and we would be out of the city if it was going to take that long to arrive. The representative on the phone told me that if there were any problems changing the address they would contact me. I didn't hear anything so I assumed there was no problem.

I received an e-mail on the 21st of December with a new order number telling me the item had been shipped. When I used the website to track the package they had not changed the address that the package was to be shipped to. When I phoned the company for the 2nd time they had no record of changing the address. Either way, by the 2nd of JANUARY I was back from my trip and still waiting for the package.

Days later I called for a 3rd time trying to get a tracking number for the postal service that was handling the package, and apparently there is not one single person with managerial duties that works after 5pm at an establishment that claims to be 'open' until 9. So, someone would call me they tell me.

Day 4 and 4th time calling rolls around and I have no messages. I call again, and get the same routine from a very rude representative. Working in retail myself, I hate the phrase 'the customer is always right', but even if you hate it too, it is the unfortunate truth and you need to provide your paying customers with some kind of resolution to a problem that is clearly on your end. So again someone will call me back with a tracking number.

5th time calling. I have a message telling me that my package was undeliverable due to the address. That the address was not found. Although the address that I gave matched what was appearing on their website. So, the package is on its way back to the United States and no one can or will do anything about it. After getting off the phone to try and chase my package before it leaves the Canada Post depot, I have to call back again because I find out the item has indeed left to be returned to the United States.

6th time calling now, to request a refund or SOME kind of severance for the epic screw up. Nobody can or will do anything, although the fault for this situation is CLEARLY at the end of the company. Best of all? No one will process a refund for the almost $70 I have paid for an item I'll never get. Someone else has to do that, the buck is passed yet again. When I asked if there was a way to have the item express shipped to me, they of course can't offer that option.

So, my advice to anyone that lives outside of the United States is to stay far, far away from this company. That is, unless you like horrible customer service and items that you don't receive.

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Creative Irish Gifts - Shop for fine Irish jewelry and gifts, Celtic jewelry, Claddagh rings, Celtic crosses, Irish wedding rings, clothing and more.

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