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Great product + great service

The Photon Micro-lights are simply the best keychain lights available; couldn't believe how bright it is from such a small light! While the Photon II is easy to operate, the full brightness may be less than ideal in some application (while I was testing the product in completely darkness, I almost blind myself with it ;-P); however, it does provide an excellent and reliable light source when needed; the Photon Freedom, on the other hand, provides the flexibility to adjust the brightness, and also the various modes (e.g. beacon, SOS, morse code etc.) makes it a all-round purpose light in a single package! I bought the turqoise beam for the Photon Freedom and white beam for the Photon II and I think it was the right choice -- the turqoise beam helps preserving night vision and provide enough brightness to see in the dark (yes, red beam would be better in this aspect but you lose a bit of visibility though). Although, the Freedom may be a bit hard to use for those who are looking for lights with simple operation I must say... ;-)

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