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Jaques of London

Great fun was had by all...

I decided to get a few games and puzzles (well, by a few I mean 14!!) to leave lying around the place for the family to pick up and play with over the Christmas period, I thought I had left it rather late, but they were all with me the next day, which was a Saturday, this after having spoken to a lovely young lady at Jaques who informed me that delivery is based on working days i.e. Mon - Fri. and I should expect them about 48 hours from the next working day. Brilliant service.

The games themselves are excellent, beautifully made and packaged and will probably last a life time, so long as we don't start using them as hammers or door stops. Some of them are real mind benders, and have yet to be completed, others, like shut the box, was learnt in about 30 seconds and amused for hours, dominoes (how old fashioned is that) did the rounds several times and who can fail to be engrossed by the ever popular solitaire.

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