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its alright

I have an HTC inspire and let me tell you, if you dont have an unlimited data plan forget it. These things are designed to suck up data usage like none other not to mention trick you into using more data. The battery life is crap. Every month im getting charged an addiional $10 for "going over my data rate" its a complete joke and I am unhappy with it. I am through AT&T and had an unlimited data and text plan but since i didnt have a "Smart phone" at the time I started the plan I was no longer able to have unlimited data with my htc...... What a joke!!!! The phone is constantly lagging up and freezing and more often then not the "force close" screen is poping up.

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Google is great for entertainment as well as an educational tool. I dont go anywhere on the internet without first starting off with google.

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Its an easy wy to find old highschool friends,keep in touch with family,and stay informed on current events local and globally


I have always and will continue to use supplementwarehouse for all my training supplement purchases. I dont even step foot into local supplement shops anymore (which I sometimes feel guilty about) but their is just no contest when it comes to who has the better deals and how timely the supplements do arrive. The only point I would have to take away from SW is for the fact that my last order of N.O. xplode and platinum hydro whey came slightly damaged..... Now I would assume this damage came from transportation because I cant see a company like SW letting a product leave in such a condition. The product container was dented and caved in but their was holes or exposed matierial so I didnt really make a big deal about it. All in all I love supplement warehouse!

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