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I will never deal with Reservation Counter again...EVER

When I called reservation counter's number which was posted on the Travelodge website, I assumed I was calling Travelodge directly, which I wish had been the case. When I arrived at my reserved hotel room, I was told that I could not have a receipt printed for me, because I had booked with a third party (they said expedia but it was not expedia). I was told that the website that I had booked with (which I guess was Reservation Counter) would send me a receipt online. Well, I did not receive a receipt to email, but did receive an itinerary so I used that email and clicked on the "Customer Support" link in the email. To my confusion, the link actually sends me to the administrator login on Reservation Counter's website, which has no link to any other part of their website. Since I am not an admin, nor do I have a password, I eventually figured this out and found their normal website on my own. Since their email boasts "Don't worry, we're still here to help with customer care 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays)." I called their 1-888 number to inquire about my receipt, and of course found that there is no one available to answer me call, and their automated system told me "good bye" and hung up on me. I then found a way, once I navigated my way to their website (without their faulty link from the email) to find my reservation on their website by entering my itinerary number and email address. Once on there, they have an option to "Save as PDF" for your receipt. This also does not work. I tried it many times, and it just times out. To make matters worse, even once I find a way to print this receipt, it is expressed in American dollars, and I am a Canadian, booking a hotel in a Canadian city, nowhere near the USA. So of course I have been billed in CAD but the receipt is in USD, which creates even more hassle trying to have my expenses paid for by my company.

Bottom Line:
No customer service, horrible website setup and emails, no receipts sent to email, wrong currency on receipt, AND I never even knew I was booking with an out of country, third party website to begin with. Bad experience all around!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Reply from Reservation Counter LLC


Thank you for leaving a review about our company. We are very sorry to hear about your poor experience. We are currently fixing the issues of currency charges and receipt emails not being sent. Moving forward, this will not be a problem. If you send us an email to trustpilot@reservationcounter.com with the details of your transaction I will work to resolve your concern, and hopefully change the way you feel about our company.


Reservation Counter


extremely ignorant and rude service

I ordered a large order which shipped 4 business days later (which is 2 days more than the 24-48 hours advertised). After shipping it I get an email from them saying that a particular item is not in stock and did not ship. I email them about this saying that without that item, my other items are essentially useless. I promptly receive a very rude short phone call saying "All your items are still useable. We no longer carry this item. This is why we hate dealing with you Canadians, because you are so unreasonable!" I replied with "I'm unreasonable?" but heard a dialtone as she had instantly hung up on me. How childish. What kind of customer service is that? Why are they advertising items that they dont carry? Why would they ship an incomplete order without contact? More importantly, why would they insult an entire nation just because they screwed up my order? They still seem to like my Canadian currency though. Will never deal again, very insulted. I hope to help others avoid this complete lack of customer service!

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