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Incorrect description

After a fire in our kitchen I needed to replace our two year old Zanussi fridge freezer. Zanussi said they no longer make a model with the same specification so I had to hunt the internet. Eventually I tracked down the Hotpoint FFUQ2013X which matched closely and in particular 'There’s an LCD digital control panel on the front too, which not only allows you to see the internal temperature but allows total control of the other excellent benefits on offer' (quote from appliancesonline). (they have now modified their wording)
The machine arrived and within a short time it was clear that the display did not act as a thermometer showing the temperature inside the two compartments - it meanly displayed the 'set' temperature requested by pressing the + and - buttons.
Applianceonline were baffled by me telling them this and promised to call Hotpoint and phone me back - they have yet to call back.
I called Hotpoint who had difficulty in locating the model and excused themelves by describing it as a 'new' model (4 months old!). I was shunted from department to department, one operator insisting that his friend had one which did show compartment temperature. Another read back to me that the display would show only 'set' temperature and if I expected actual temperature then it was the fault of Appliance on Line for misdescribing it. They are a warehousing firm relying on the manufacturer to specify the product clearly.
So I have paid over £500 for a unit that does not meet my desires and so far have been unable to source any unit that does what the old Zanussi did.
Hotpoint also insisted that I could not speak to their sales department because they do not have a sales department- astonishing!
It leaves me with the feeling that 'customers' are only valued up to the point of payment, and then they should be fobbed off.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Reply from

Dear Alon,

I am very sorry to hear about the problems experienced with your new appliance.

Appliances Online takes all reviews very seriously and I would like to investigate your order immediately.

Please can you send me your full name, order number and contact information?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

Emma Naylor
Customer Service Team Leader


Poor Advice

I needed to order a Myson Hi Line Fan Convector heater. BHL stock the range from RC 7-4 up to 20-14. I phoned for advice on which would suit my kitchen and amazingly the staff had been told no to give that advice. Even more astonishing the manufacturer also refused, but referred me to a web site that had a calculator. Having entered the dimensions of the room I found that it calculated a power well in excess of the biggest model available. I was forced to use common sense and decided on about 3Kw the RC 15-10.
This was expensive, and on arrival was huge, but the heating engineer fitted it and it works well - too well! The room would have been quite warm enough with one of the smaller models, and I would have saved money.
As it is I am now encumbered with a monster that would heat a small hall, just because staff who were employed to advise customers were forbidden to give the most basic advice - which model is most the customers needs.

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