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I've never had a bad experience with courierlink, using them on a lot of occassions, they have always offered my great customer service and superb delivery times and rates!


Terrible and Not Recommended

I joined on a trial basis, I had to put my card details in, but expected to be informed that I would be charged for an automatic 2 year subscription. I was away on holiday when the funds were taken, so as soon as I got back I decided to make the call and try to get the money back.

I got put through to a call centre, where English was NOT their first language, the person on the telephone informed me that a full refund would be made. This did not happen, I received a reply via a support ticket telling me that I will not receive a refund but they can cancel my account, so I said that's pointless and I do not want to waste the money so leave it. I tried and tried numerous times to get my money back to no avail.

Now two years later after forgetting that I had subscribed back then I have been charged YET again. I personally work in a role with customer accounts and we MAKE NOTES on their accounts whenever they call, so if streamline who as a hosting company should have the resources to have this available, should have notes to say I DO NOT WANT THE HOSTING. Anyone with half a brain would think to inform me of the upgrade coming up, but that didn't happen.

I've now spoken to them over the phone after having my support ticket ignored, and they have informed me "yes we do have a note on your order that in 2010 your requested to cancel"

Still no reply, so I have resent my support ticket, I don't know what else I can do? I've lost another £200.00 to this company. I seriously hope I get my money back. I will be speaking with trading standards about this, as they are not providing the customer support I'm apparently paying for.

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Unfortunately could not travel

We could not travel due to a family death, at first we had a bad experience, but this was sorted by their team for us in the end, so I have to say, customer service wise, good :-)


Never had a problem

I've never had a problem with Game

John Lewis


Very very smart and clean all of the time whenever I have visited!



I couldn't have sky, but when I use it at other peoples houses, it's great!


Good site

Very helpful website for finding out reviews on companies, has helped me find some great ones like


PANTS - Don't bother trading-in with them

I recently sent Amazon my PS3 with 2 games all in the same box, I sent it Parcelforce so it was tracked and signed for, 24 hours later it was confirmed as received. They confirmed receipt of my PS3 but not the games, I emailed them and the reply was generic stating that they process items at different rates. I thought fair enough I'll wait, so I did and time went by...nothing, my PS3 had been credited but not the games so I worried a little. Another email sent and another generic reply but this time they mentioned "I can confirm we have received your games" I thought okay sweet, I'll wait again, so I did only to receive an email stating the time had passed and my game trade in has expired, so here I am with no games to trade in and not £41.00 better off than I should be. I have emailed amazon multiple times to get the same generic email over and over but a complete lack of customer service. I'm also peeved to find they are pawning their customer service out to other countries like India which is NOT good enough, it's an email... how hard can it be to pay people, Amazon can definitely afford it. I'm now considering talking to Trading Standards as I don't have much option and the evidences weighs in favour of me... I sent the items, they signed for them, the PS3 was credited and was in the same box and I have an email from Amazon confirming they have got them. I'm furious they have done this as I wanted to use the credit against a PS4, I have cancelled with Amazon as without the full credit I don't think they deserve my cash, I went to Apollo and got it for cheaper anyway.


Pricey, but a good choice

Large choice of magazines, pricey for certain things but books are real cheap!



Tivo is great, Virgin are slowly taking over the world, look out!



I bought my domain here without any issues!


Certainly improved

Over the past 5 years parcelforce has improved massively, I usually use them!


By far the best

The best website for getting prices for local houses!


Holiday was superb!

Loved it, thanks!



Yeah, very good!


Very useful

If you want to find out whos in a movie, then this is a great site!


Rip off

Halfords are a rip off to be honest, most items available here are over priced and you can get them from any good local retailer or ask your local mechanic

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I bought my laptop from here, and the customer service was spot on!


Pretty good

Shows like the Apprentice are great, but paying Chris Moyles 500k + a year is a joke, he's on radio for one, I'd rather listen to Greg James, so keep hold of him!


O2 is brilliant

Never had a problem



When I bought my tv, they were very helpful, it was brand new on a 50% discount offer, and it's top of the range


By far the best

I used Asda for online shopping and got a few things which went of the date the next day, I sent an email regarding this and they refunded all of the price for the items concerned, never had any problems after that! Drivers were polite too


Always good

whenever I use Argos, I get great service and they usually have something in stock, if not it gets ordered no hassle



Easy to use, and great for finding out how much you could be saving!


Good, when I have used it

The site is easy to use, and when I do use it, it's great!



Ebay is great, end of!


Love my phone!

I love my iPhone, thank you Mr Jobs. RIP

Google Chrome-browser


The perfect browser


The place for specific books

When I'm looking for a book I can't find in places like Asda or WH Smith, Waterstones are where I go, they cost more but are worth it really.

Never let me down

Play are quick to deliver with Free delivery too, why would you complain?



Vodafone are not a company I would recommend. It's a shame as their tariff is great, but I've tried contacting them multiple times as I would like to upgrade my phone and I was instantly put on hold, this happened everyday for a week. Morning Noon OR night.

I will be going elsewhere for my next contract.

I have gone elsewhere, due to the fact that vodafone are actually crap. Their customer service is something to be desired too

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This company gave me a very relaxing flight from Heathrow to Brisbane, it took AGES as expected so I wanted comfort, and that's exactly what I got, with free unlimited drinks and the cabin crew was amazing too.

Literally the best flight I've ever been on.


Was great

Was great at the time but has faded into the background now


By far the best

Asda are by far the best supermarket!



If you ever need to find info on a movie or actor/actress this is brilliant!!!


Funny as!

Funny as clips!!!


Keeping in touch

Has never been so much easier!!


Love it!

Ebay is so good for finding things you wouldn't find elsewhere!



Amazon is great and offers excellent deals too!



Paypal is easy to use and makes things secure!

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