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Not in my book ... can anything beat a ma!!! . I am self taught and would never consider anything other than a mac. It is user friendly. The help is great. I have had 2 i-macs and each one gets better. I have the new large screen one now. I truly love the mac comcept. Anyone can buy a mac, and learn to operate it with a few lessons. I give a i-mac a 10 on a scale of 1 - 5.


CARDS - Beautiful greetings.

When ya want to uplift someone ... where do I go ... Their cards etc. are great and so easy to pass along a greeting to someone. Check it out for yourself if ya douby me. You will be delighted. I was - and AM.


POINTS = MEALS gift cards.

I get a lot of my Christmas and other holiday gift cards by earning them through MY POINTS. It is fun to do, and more fun when the rewards are clicking up. I just used $ 100. of MY POINTS gift cards to take out our son, his wife, and me and my husband. Great way to have fun and easy way to earn rewards.



Race season can not come fast enough. I use this web site to check out the in and out of the drivers .. schedules ... etc. I cannot imagine a summer without NASCAR.COM


FREE ADVERTISING - for free products.

I have used Freecycle to recycle several things I cannot use any longer ... but they have lots of use in them. I have picked up things for others on freecycle. I love the ease of using this for keeping things circulating and not ending up in the dump. God Bless this web site.


SAFE transfer of money.

Paypal is the safest way to purchase on the internet. I feel confident my money will get to where it needs to go ... and when I have income I know it will show in my account. I love paypal as it beats sharing credit card info with outhers.


SHOPPING on Amazon rocks !!!

Looking for a great buy - honest oponion - store to puchase something - and most everything else ... GO TO AMAZON. They have straight forth products and best purchasing advice around. Thanks Amazon for your outstanding quality.


HAY - Best for great research

Want to know about something ??? Go to Google. They seem to have one of the best ways to communicate with folks on the computer. I try Google first ... only if I do not get an answer I look elsewhere. THANKS GOOGLE !!


HONESTY is the best.

Skype is great to see the good and bad of places out in the community. Look at reviews before trying new places out. THANKS for Skype

Good service

I like the service from your company but found the product a bit scimpy for the cost. Your cost is in line with the major pet food stores, so I guess it is just a high price we pay for MADE IN AMERICA. I will not let our pets eat CHINA treats ... so I have to say GOOD EXPERIENCE, FAST SERVICE, and RELIABLE COMPANY.

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