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Very dissappointing - typical post monopoly company

The only reason BT still exists is I suspect based on it monopoly roots. The services are relatively expensive and not as customer friendly as they would have you believe.


Not as good as they would have you believe

Asda always boast great on price but sellection I have often found is dissappointing. Their shelves are often filled with a limited number of products and recently their price boasts have proved to be no more than hot air. A staple lunch in our house is Heinz soups where 4 tins at Asda just as recently as 3 days ago cost over £1.18 more that one of its rivals (£2.00 at Tesco - £3.18 at Asda). The selection of cold meats is both basic and usually in prepacks.


Good Electronics Store

If you are looking for components and don't want "on-line" Maplins is great.My local store is very customer friendly and delighted to help. Their specials are always good value for money and tempting.


Simply Marvelous

I never pass a Fenwicks store. Great department stores with fabulous foodhalls in those I have visited.


A bit old fashion but a good shop

Despite the ups & downs they have come out firing on most cylinders. The shops I find slightly dated but that isn't always a bad thing.


Different and interesting

The store layouts are not conventional which adds to a shopping experience. Prices are competetivewith a good wide seletion of products.


Interesting shopping

Not my first choice but value for money is not bad at all. The stores can be dated and tired looking.


Getting better

For so many years the place to shop for "supermarket" quality but let down by poorly stocked shelves. This has been addressed and now is a really competitor up their with the best of them.


The only place I book through

I have used trainline for so long and would never consider using anywhere else. Exceptionally good competetive prices.


Great fun but exploiting the third world

I love looking around Poundland but sometimes wonder about the sources of their merchandice.


Made in China & the far east

The policy of the company towards its customers is and still remains legendry. Their products outside the foodhalls are however mainly from China and that part of the world. Not even my pants are now made in the UK. For a flagship British company this is very dissappointing


Interesting but no more

If there is a gutter in communication, Facebook is right there. For absolute tosh & brain dead excremental communication this is the place to go in 99% of cases.


Great fun & variety with deadlines met 100%

The cards are brilliant and offer so much individuality. For that special occasion I would not consider anything else


So efficient & so easy

Paypal for many years I have used in conjunction with ebay but now use for far more. Disputes are settled quickly & easily


Every little usually helps - but take care!

Despite excellent customer service the value for money has recently dissappointed. The clubcard points and vouchers are far less than they were even up to a year ago. That said overall I wouldn't shop anywhere else.


So easy yet so effective.

Any information I need, then Google search engine has rarely let me down. The help facilities are excellent but most importantly so easy to use.


A superb link between buyers & seller

I have bought & sold so many items on ebay over the last 10+ years that it is hard to know where to start. Ebays policing is excellent with scammers usually dealt with straight away and refunds arranged without a hitch. effortlesly


Excellent for price and delivery

When searching on Google, Amazon is nearly always the most suitable and competetive. They deliver usually within their own deadlines which is very impressive and I have never been anything other than 100% delighted.


Delighted so far

After 10 years with another company O2 have proved to be an excellent alternative. I was offered as fancy or as basic as appropriate and am very pleased so far after 2 months


Very dissappointing after a great start!

I was with the company for nearly 10 years. For the first 7 it was good although dealing with overseas call centres was a bit of a pain. II was so pleased that I had several members of my family sign up to Talktalk. After then unfortunately it just got worse & worse culminating in a service promise & contract that they even put in writing yet still manage to get wrong and not fix for over 6 months. I lost track of all the staff I spoke to and it was obvious that no one really knew what was going on with nearly everyone promising and rarely delivering. I call it a flamingo syndrome - similar to a cock-up but just a lot bigger


Quality service & safety all in one.

I ordered my full set of winter tyres in December 2010 in the middle of the Grampian big freeze, which gripped the north east of Scotland for nearly 4 months last year. I was staggered when they arrived after only 3 days - I had expected to have to wait at least a week. The guidance was spot on and the tyres really do keep me on track. A rogue nail at the begining of December 2011 ruined one of the 4, but a replacement arrived 2 days later. The car the tyres were fitted to, I have just sold but I am about to order another set for my new car. The winter tyres I have no doubt made the difference between selling the old car and not selling it.

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