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Fast Shipping

Fast shipping but limited inventory. Would be nice for them to expand a bit. But, for what they do have they offer great prices. I even got lucky enough to order on a day with free shipping! Can't beat that!.


Never any issues

I find that it offers a wide array of products at mostly cheaper prices. I do not purchase anything online without double checking Amazon first. I've yet to have any issues personally but others that I know claim that it is just about the best when it comes to resolving them, and keeping the customers happy.


Not what I ordered and ZERO customer service

I was very disappointed in the product I received. It was NOT what I had ordered. I had ordered a "decorative line border" locket with Text BLOCK engraving on the back. What was sent to me was the "Greek Key" design with Text SCRIPT engraving. Also, it stated that the locket was 1in by 1.25in but the width alone was barely .75in! It is very disappointing that I spent $90 to receive the wrong product. There is no excuse for this, as the site clearly states which locket is which and the catalogID on my order detail matches the one on the site for the "decorative line border." I suppose it was foolish of me to even give this company my business after I read the reviews online, but I figured I would give them a chance. And when I emailed them about all of this, I didn't even get a response with an apology, let alone one that tried to make amends. Honestly, how hard is it to pay attention to detail? I'm thoroughly frustrated and disappointed in this company. The product is still acceptable enough to give as a gift - but to pay close to $100 and have almost every detail neglected, and for it to be on the wrong item entirely, and to not even get an apology? I have lost all faith in this company. I gave them a shot in spite of what I read online, but they only proved those critics correct. Now I am unfortunately just ANOTHER critic. But what do they care, they got their money... Pathetic


Love Love LOVE!

I just recently purchased several items from and was amazed at how fast the items shipped. But, to my dismay, one of the outfits I received was flawed. They fixed the problem right away by sending me a new one! I was thrilled with their customer service, their expeditious shipping, the wide variety of items on their site, and even just the website design period. It is very efficient. I'm fairly picky with customer service results so for me to be this pleased is very surprising. But they obviously care about their customers and appreciate return business, versus other companies who feel like they already got your money so they could care less. I feel like making a purchase through them is a safe bet, I'm not going to have to wonder about the quality of the products, and if there is a problem I feel assured that they care enough to make it right. This will be my go to site for all my "night-time" outfits!

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I may be a tough critic when companies fail to meet the basic requirements, but I'm not overly critical, I swear! Even if someone makes a mistake, if they take the proper means to rectify the situation I am the first person to not only praise the company directly, but to tell all I know about how wonderful they are. For example - if you love lingerie, check out my review for - and when you are finished reading, GO BUY FROM THEM!