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Looks good but no quality control

Bathroom installation was supposed to begin on Tuesday Jan 21st.
Tuesday came and no fitter arrived. Hadn’t finished his last job. He appeared on Thursday. Over the next 10 days as he did his job there were two occasions when I had to ask him why he wasn’t following the fitting instruction provided with the equipment. He clearly hadn’t read them and was just doing a generic fit. So much for knowing the products!
This came to head when he tried to do the last part of the job, fit the bath panel. He hadn’t looked at the product so the pipes coming from the floor were in the wrong place. The panel wouldn’t fit. The vinyl had been laid. It seemed that the whole floor would have to be ripped up!
I went into the Bathstore showroom to tell them about this. “That’s down to Nathan Day (the fitter) “ they said. My contract was with Bathstore not the fitter. On Sunday 2nd Feb they did copy me an email they sent to customer care with a request for a phone call. No-one from Customer Care got in touch.
Eventually the job was completed and the vinyl patchup looked OK so we signed the job off. This was on Monday Feb 3rd.

On Thursday 6th I had a shower and used the basin at around 8.00am. At 8.15 I went downstairs and there was water pouring through the light fitting. The electrics were smoking and in another few minutes could have an electrical disaster. The leak dripping through the kitchen ceiling right next to the light fitting. This is in a central position so it would seem that the leak is in the waste pipe from the shower and basin. It took me a series of emails and phone calls with a final threat to go viral before anyone made the effort to fix the leak. It turned out to be a faulty join in the waste pipe.

Some weeks later a cap fell off the shower unit. On inspection it turned out that one of the clips had broken and the fitter had stuck it on with sealant!
Wednesday 19th March returned home to find the kitchen floor awash same with the bathroom floor and water dripping from the light fittings in the kitchen. Another leak!! I phoned this in to Keith Hollingsbee at about 4.10pm and eventually someone arrived at around 5.45.
It turned out to be a faulty cartridge in the basin tap. Damage to the kitchen ceiling. Will the laminate floor buckle or the vinyl in the bathroom be damaged.? What about the electrics? What if I turn on the lights and everything blows? Why does Bathstore boast excellence when it clearly has no quality control?

My question is, how do I claim compensation?.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Reply from Bathstore

Hello Adrian,

I am very sorry to hear of the issues that have reported in relation to your Bathstore installation. We do have an installation customer service team who will be able to assist you . Unfortunately you have not provided any of your order details so they are unable to contact you. Please can you contact them directly on 01942 236737 or send your details to and we will arrange for a member of the installations team to contact you as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards

Customer Service Team
08000 232323



Twas a molobolo sasstyfolo site. Excellamentay!Box came to my place on time no problemo amigo.

The Whisky Exchange

A Loose Cork means you lose booze!

All fine except the cork was loose and whisky had seeped out under the foil seal. Lost about 100-150ml I should think


Super Service!

Good service, good website, prompt delivery. Just what I wanted.

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