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Order went smoothly, no problems

Order went smoothly, no problems, goods delivered promptly as expected, will use again, thank you.

Tyres On The

Great service - great price

What more can i say? Great service - great price!

I shopped everywhere and tyresonthedrive came out best, an added bonus they came to me to save me having to trawl through traffic to a local garage.

Tire installer was very polite and professional, efficient yet took great care to do a good job.

Will be using again, without doubt.

Comms Express

Outstanding reliable service at trade prices

Comms-express are a one-stop source for networking and infrastructure to the trade, used by many IT professionals they can be relied on to meet expectations and supply the right hardware at the right prices on time.

I've used them before and will use them again!

Thank you Comms Express.

Deliver well packaged goods as promised

Not much else to say, they deliver well packaged goods as promised!


Minimum Stars - Feeling of being ripped off!

Every three months BT sales call and try win back my business - honestly I would not go back even for free.

When I moved house I got "conned" into a featureline I didn't need and a business internet connection that didn't work and couldn't be fixed by BT's own OpenReach team due to internal office politics.

After months of hassle (and lack of internet), and only after threats of legal action, BT allowed me to change internet providers, of which the new ISP got my internet working in a single visit!

BT also tried to lock me into a 5 year featureline package with a very expensive buyout, lucky I found an alternative provider who covered this cost.

I still get the phone calls every few months telling me they will give me a better deal, but the better deal always costs more than I'm paying now and based on past experience no way would I consider.

BT - unless you can offer me super-fast internet that no other provider can - here's one unhappy ex-customer quite unlikely to come back!


All good experiences to date...

So far all good experiences with Amazon to date, prices are good too.


Price is unbeatable

Prices are truly unbeatable, then check the receipt and be amazed at saving even more money on your next order!


Great mail order company

Have used before - will use again.

Viking Direct

Great mail order company

Have used before - will use again.

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Great mail order company

Have used before - will use again.


Great mail order company

Have used before - will use again.

Reliable company with great prices

Have used before - will use again.


Great mail order company

Have used before - will use again.


Great mail order company

Have used before - will use again.


Great mail order company

Supplied goods in the past as promised.


Great mail order company

Great mail order company - business users watch out these ship in such a way that there is no VAT on the order making the prices to public cheaper but the inc/exc vat price to business less attractive.

Have still used and will continue to use many times.


Great mail order company

Great mail order company, have used many times.


Great mail order company

Great mail order company, have used many times.

Overclockers UK

Mixed Views

Overclockers are local to myself, so I often refer to their website and check their prices.

They are a little more expensive than my usual suppliers, but it's not the price that puts me off.

The few times I've visited the shop I've been greeted with queues and at least one unhappy customer who has travelled for miles to be fobbed of on a technicality with a faulty item. Others I know in the trade have had similar experiences.

Personally, everything I've purchased from them has worked perfectly, but it does make one worry to hear such stories.

It's useful to have nearby for emergencies, but price and reputation keep the stars low!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reply from

Hi Mark, thank you for your feedback! I am not sure if you are aware of this, but in Febuary 2012, we implemented a brand new service oriented strategy and have since moved into a brand new warehouse with much larger showroom. I hope we are able to prove to you, that we still believe in "customer is king" and look forward to serving you in the future!


Thanks for a happy Christmas

Have used,

Delivered exactly as promised.

Did not join the club and there has been no hassling from them.

The wines were great and worth the money.



Money for nothing.....

This site is almost too good to be true!

Yes, I really have been paid £100's of pounds for absolutely nothing!

Whenever I remember, before buying items I go via the quidco website, and after a few months, they start collecting cashbacks and sending them to my bank account!

I must admit thought I don't claim everything I'm entitled too because some of the commissions/claims in pennies just aren't worth it!

Great site - no excuses not to use on larger purchases!

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Great resource

Great resource before visiting B&Q to check prices and stock levels.


Great mail order company

Have only ordered online however found their prices to often be competitive and their delivery/products to be as promised.

Never had a need to contact their customer support.

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Scan Computers

Great mail order company

Great mail order company, have ordered from them many times.

Last time I visited the shop the experience wasn't so good, had to queue for ages, now I just pay the carriage it's much easier and quicker!

Had a fallout with them several years ago about a supplied faulty hard drive, which put be off buying for a while, but besides that every order been perfect with high quality goods.


Brilliant product - Brilliant service

Dyson vacuum cleaners are exceptional quality and so far nothing has tempted me away from the brand.

Also, when experiencing minor difficulties, calling the helpline and the staff are extremely helpful and go above and beyond to ensure their products are the best they can possibly be.

A great example of British excellence!


Convenient and well stocked

Halfords is both convenient and well stocked.

It's the perfect place to go for accessories like bulbs etc, not the cheapest but parts are available off the shelf so worth the small premium.

Their leisure / bikes section is also extremely good value for money too.

They loose a mark for a few recent let-downs.

First, ultra-brilliance bulbs, only seem to last 6 months, expensive to replace these so frequently!

Second, bike assembly, a little bit sloppy, worth checking things over yourself as well before riding if you don't want to have an accident!


Convenient and full of useful bits-n-pieces

Maplins is just great, full of those little electrical essentials that you need in a hurry but can't wait to order online.

Items may cost a little more, but it's so convenient to know that Maplins stock electrical and computer consumables on the shelf in the case of an emergency breakdown.

Reliable company with great prices

Ebuyer are a reliable company with great prices, I order from them very frequently, however they have several practices that make their prices more expensive for business/regular buyers than for general public.

Many business buyers are put off by this and have found alternative suppliers, shame but ebuyer may be slowly loosing a key segment of the buying market!

The percentage of stock I buy through ebuyer has over halved recently, as a result of slow deliveries and business surcharges and overall feeling of not wanting my business!

I will continue to buy from them where there prices are good, but cannot award all stars because I'm buying on price only and no real customer/supplier loyalty is encouraged!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for leaving this review.

We appreciate your comments and these will be used constructively to try and improve our customer service.

If you have any queries about our products or prices, our Product Advice team are always happy to help.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Gmail Rocks - makes Android the best!

Try and android phone - be amazed by google docs.

Try google docs - be amazed by android phones.

Once you but the both together, opportunities open that are truly ground-breaking!

Thanks for all your hard work Google, here's to the future....


Great products, great service, will use again

Ordered from this company for the first time, everything went smoothly and delivered on time. Quality of goods was really good too.

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