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What have they done???

I used to use CNet all the time. Not anymore, because i have to give them details, email etc, just to download software that used to be readily available.

Now i never go on CNet, I'm not signing up, when i don't have to anywhere else to download these files.



Everythign you need for BF3 (almost)

Ok so there are some bugs n things in there in the wrong place.
There are some features id like to see like ticket filters. Report archives etc.

But, for what it does, no one else AFAIK does anything like this, full online stats, pretty much Live. Cross Platform. Its so easy to navigate and use, and the features it does have, comCenter for ex. Its just Excellent.

I'd add a star just for Ticket Server Filter.


Perfect way to get Updates!

I never used to like Twitter, until Battlefield started using it for Battlefield 3. Wow, it gives such a good feeling to know the developers are actually responding to your feedback, not just putting it in a giant pile of "this works" and "this doesn't".

Twitter is great, its small, fast, easy to use and just generally a brilliant idea!
Thanks Twitter!


Fast, Easy, just Great!

Everytime i use amazon, they provide lightning fast service, from a 3 day delivery (using standard!), to a refund on a year old product. They just dont have any mercy for giving you a great experience.

Easy to find what you want, tells you where its coming from, even gives you cheaper options of that product from other merchants. They have a lot of stuff too.

Love you guys.


Gets better and better

So they have limited certain products, to be honest, it's needed, i don't want taliban buying 90 lb of uranium for cheap, i want them to pay for it like everyone else!

But really, it's so easy to find what you want and where you want it, easy to contact the seller and even easier to buy. Bidding is quite exciting and the rules for merchants are pretty flexible and safe.

Ebay, for all the wonderful cheapies ive had from you, i thank you!


So Easy!

Really, Paypal really is the easiest online merchant ive ever dealt with. And they market' it very, very well, so you can use it _anywhere_. (anywhere worth shopping). Paypal, you have made my life so much easier. And i thank you for it!



Everything. Simple.

Youtube oh Youtube, you have funny, sad, epic, silly, outrageous, scientific, natural, crazy, graceful... you get it, they have a video for everyone, even... taliban! Though youtube is owned by Google so really, i expect nothing less than Perfect, which it is. Well done!


Better than wikipedia!

Ok so its not like wikipedia, but the amount of information they have is insane. They never surrender any detail, It's an amazing place to find movies you would like. From user reviews to lists of movie star productions from specific actors.

Love you imdb.


They keep giving.

Google, really, what CANT you do?? All the search results i want, the android operating system, Google mail, Monopoly anyone?

I love Google, and always will. And their recent stand against the two outrageous Piracy acts just shows that these guys care about their users just as much as anyone else.


Mazuma Mobile

Bloody Excellent

Seriously these guys know what they want. They also know what you want which is most important.

2 aged phones for over £80, can't beat that. Also can't beat the speed, Their parcel package arrived within 1 day, once my parcel was sent (picked up by postman), i got my cash within 2 days.

These guys don't mess about.

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