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One of the best tool suppliers I've used

FFX is one of those companies I felt compelled to give a good review to. I was actually going to write to them directly to say thanks for the wonderful fast service but then I got the Trustpilot email so figured I'd put it here for others to see. The Dewalt laser measure I purchased is a first class item and far more expensive elsewhere so I had my doubts that the service from FFX would be good due to the lower prices. But wow I was wrong thankfully and I received my item as fast as I could have hoped. I will definitely be using FFX again in the very near future. Thank you so much !!!

Sharon J Reship Customer Service

Unbelievable pricing.

I just used Reship which is a company that basically reships goods that you purchase from US shops because not all places ship to international addresses. I bought four bottles of floor cleaner from Walmart for $24 which cost me $3 to ship to the reship address. Once at reship my email came through to pay for the shipping to me. First thing I thought was wow, overpriced, as they were asking $29 to ship this package out to me. I was asking for no extras. A day later I received an email that said the pricing structure was wrong and I was to be refunded that $29 and could I please pay for the shipping again. I thought, 'oh wow it's not as expensive as it appeared to be then'. So off I went to repay the shipping costs and low and behold my cheapest option was $66 plus $5 for their handling fees. $71 to ship a $24 package that I could have got my relatives to ship to me as they live in the US. There was no option to go for standard postage, just courier services so if I wanted my goods I had to pay the price. I sent a letter of complaint to reship and told them I'll not be returning again which is sad because I could see me using that service a lot if the prices were at least reasonable.


Unable to communicate via email

I ordered a few items from as they were the only place I could find that 'stocked' a particular item I needed. I am based in the UK and they are in Paris France but they had an English language option on their web site so I figured it would be easy enough to deal with them. I waited 7 days after the order and I had had no communication at all from them so I sent them an email asking what the order status was. Another 2 days later and no reply so I sent another email, and a day later another one and still no reply. So eventually I threatened them with going public and low and behold a reply. A simple 'item out of stock' reply, no apologies.
I then asked them to cancel the whole order as I was fed up with dealing with them at this time. I had no clue if they even intended to get this item in stock so I wasn't hanging around guessing. My bank was also showing the funds had been allocated to them. I requested that I immediately receive a confirmation of cancellation upon receipt of that email. 2 days later and no reply. I checked their web site and still the items were on order. Another email and another case of ignoring me. Another day followed by one final email and still no reply. I eventually phoned them up which wasn't ideal considering they are an internet based company and email should be a perfectly good way of communicating. Finally I had the order cancelled but I was left with a bad taste in my mouth and one more company that went onto my black list. I would like to say that it was a lack of understanding that caused this issue but I should also point out that I sent both English and French language emails that were kept simple to understand and no attempt was made to at least reply other than the one email after the public threat.
I am happy that its finally sorted out after the phone call but seriously annoyed that it had to go that far with the multiple emails and threats of going public just to 'try' to get a response.



I've used ToollineUK just the one time but that was enough for me to realise I'll not be using them again. They claimed the items were in stock and that they dispatch within 24 hours or 48 at most. Six days passed and no sign of items so I emailed them to ask if they had been sent. I then got a dispatch notice in an email, no apologies or explanation to my enquiry. It states on their site that cards are only charged when orders are actually dispatched yet the money was gone from my account on day one despite my order not even being processed for almost a week. It only takes one time for me to blacklist a company from my own personal use when this is the way they deal with me. Packaging was poor with just a jiffy bag protecting my items, which came in their own flimsy paper card type boxes which were crushed in the jiffy bag leaving the tools to fend for themselves. The items themselves, consisting of extension accessories for a Bosch IXO rechargeable screwdriver were great and easy too use but then that part is down to Bosch and not ToolLineUK.


Never failed us

We've been using Tesco's to get our groceries delivered for the last 3 years and it's made our lives so much easier. The drivers are always friendly and courteous and in all the time they've been coming to us they have only been late once and that was adequately explained to us by customer services. They replace unavailable items with similar ones which doesn't always work out for the best but you can just tell them it's not suitable and the money will be refunded right away. No complaints here, we'll be using Tesco's for years to come with any luck.


Absolutely first class and I'll be coming back for more.

I just purchased a few games and a Move Starter Pack for my daughters birthday coming up soon and I can't fault the service or the prices. I didn't actually expect the order to come through so soon so I was really happy, hence my deciding to review my experience with


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