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Excellent Value for Money

Items are well package and arrive in good time, the company keep you well informed about the status of your order and even about the stock that they will be receiving soon via their face book and their website.

I have never received poor service from them. Certainly sometimes they sell out of items very quickly, but the it is clear that stocks of any given design are limited.

Overall, very, very good indeed.


A company to approach with caution

Pay Pal appears on the surface to be a convenient method of making on line payments, and certainly whilst it was still owned by Wells Fargo this was largely the case, although actually speaking to a human operative when things do go wrong was never easy.

Since the sale to ebay however, customer services has degraded massively and several of the companies policies are, at best, highly dubious. The companies tendency to almost always side with a buyer even when the buyer is pulling an obvious scam or when the post office confirm the seller did send the item, the item was delivered and in some cases even when the post office provide evidence that the buyer even signed for an item they later claimed not to have received, has naturally lead to a huge increase in fraudulent charge-backs and buying scams. If you are a seller be very, very careful indeed whenever accepting payment via this company.

This charge-backs scam has become particularly popular on high ticket items such as laptops and so on, and in the space of one week 4 separate sellers that are on my Face Book list fell for the same scam.


An excellent service

I have found the level of service, the low price and the high quality of the products from this company to be excellent and highly recommend them. Since discovering them my printing ink costs have been slashed and the turnaround time from order to delivery is very fast.



I use streamline to host my company website and have found it very reliable, the site building sorftware is very user friendly enabeling even a novice like myself to produce a very profesional looking site.

Not at all bad

I've bought one or two things from gear4music and was very impressed with the service. Even their budget ranges seem to be good, with the exception of one set of budget headphones, but then I do go through an awful lot of sets of headphones!

T Mobile

More a 3.5 perhaps

On the whole I've found t-mobile to be rather good, although they do have a few odd quirks in the way some of their services are set up (notably thier mobile broadband and how dificult I found it to get my credit card set up with them the first time), but on balance more positive than negative experiances with them.


First rate

As a long standing customer of Lovefilm I have had first rate service from them, I can not recomend them highly enough.



With an ever decreasing level of customer service and the the ever increasing number of buyers scamming sellers which ebay seem utterly unwilling to address this is a company I am no longer willing to do business with.



I have always been very happy indeed with the quality, delivery time and service. All first rate.

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Bryan F Irving
Male, 1970
Durham, United Kingdom


Bryan is a DJ and radio presenter with a love if independent and underground music as well as being the lead games designer for an independent games company.

Trained and educated as a criminologist and social scientist with a special interest in the scientific method and it's application to the social sciences, holding a Bsc (hons) in Social Science.