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class fantastic

Good value very pleased always

Premier Inn

If your disabled then this Inn needs improvement

Due to the fact I live 90 miles from my specialist hospital and also they had booked me appointment at 0920 I certainly did not fancy a travel on the famous A12/M25 in morning rush hour for this appointment.
So I booked in as it was close to my hospital.
But if you have an Assistance Dog/Guide Dog then I suggest with very good reason to explain that to the Inn/Hotel as though their Head Office have issued to all their In/Hotel a policy on working dogs and their entry is seems sadly staff enturp their own version of the rules. So to avoid conflict area telephone the Inn/Hotel.
Also ask about Fire Policy as I was placed on the first floor of this Inn with a power chair and Assistance Dog and had to use a lift which in the event of a fire is a NO NO so again telephone the Inn/Hotel and say what is your policy
The room was clean and tidy and neat
No Inn has a wet room only baths with low sides which means for myself I cannot use in any way.
One other gripe was the fact from the side of my bed to the bedside cabinet was very large gap which meant stretching which I certainly cannot do so I use the deck (floor) to place my items on
I would recommend one to three nights stay there but again if your disabled then so check


Top rate

Great Great Great simple as that



Please with what I get and my braodband is outstanding but a bit more effort for disabled people would not go a miss


Great vaule

Top quailty only one bad snag when is my area where I live going to have a good signal


Your known as anti disabled

Until you get your house in oder relating to Disabled I will not travel by you



Basic cheap but could do a bit more


Like it

But still some of the holidays area bit dear and nothing for disabled shown why?


Good service

I shall never but never forget one memeber of staff who when I landed in the early hours of the morning and my wheelchair had been taken stupidly to the fragile section helped us to not only find it but stayed with us untill we got on a bus to get back to our car, Yet he was going off duty WELL DONE


Top Store

We got a Next store open last March in my town and it is outstanding great items and the lift for disabled people qauilty


Get good deals and vaule

Like everything with Screwfix just a shame I got to travel seventeen miles to a store


Try harder

Once your company really pull people in now it seems your selling yourself shame that


I get top service

I get such a great service my driver helps me every times he has such a warm attitude

City Link

Let me down

No help given by your company to me even though I am disabled very poor service


Top Channel

Simply great programmes


Enjoy this search machine

Makes finding things so easy


Your home needs a Dyson

Only Dyson for us our carpets have never been as good


Top Store with top qauilty items

What a store holds quailty items still the top store


Safe and secure

You fill secure and makes paying easier


Get a good item

Still a great place to go items at Christmas it has great items


What a site awesome

The place to find friends and let off steam


Still good vaule

How times have changed Halford yet I still find it a good store to visit


Great programmes

Top rate shows and programmes


Disabled ?

Make travel by Easy Jet for disabled people better and listne to disabled people rather than upsetting them


Not again

Got let down badly wvwn though I brought a Lap top change your after sales back up PC WORLD


If you want it Argos has got it

I got things from Argos when other shops have told me we do not have this tiem,


Looking for a bargain

Nice to find bargains


Easy to use

I am more than pleased with this search engine


Great Bargains

I have got great bargains good vaule



If you want a top quailty and top quailty items then go to Vistaprint this is the place for a bargain

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