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It's good to talk

No it isn't with your services. Cold calling is a huge nuisance, broadband service is rubbish, stop the call centre calls we can't understand the ones when we want help and the others are purely about selling us services we don't want- stop it



As if we'd trust a company that has merged with the co-op but is still relying on the co-op' reputation for another 5 years.

Look after the staff you merged with look after customers


As if

As if we'd dismiss safety to safe a quid


Pleae don't buy me a dyson

I'm a fit healthy and active 53 year old with three dyson model experience.....

yet to try one that is actually user friendly - every model is too heavy and the attachments are definately not user friendly-even with a pull along - don't pull the hose too far because it will split- and no- even with the hepa filta- it does not pick up dog hairs and our latest seems to have an aversion to picking up any type of fluff- hugely overpriced heavy and not user friendly


What are you spending my licence fee on?

Revisit the original vision spend less and produce more programmes for the people who pay the licence fee- rather that our kids -who don't One day soon we licence payers will rebel- the only plus point is no commercial breaks- but who apart from my mum hasn't got sky or some means to record programmes- so bbc get with the programme stop trying to be edgy and just make good prgrammes or go awayt



Great Quality veggies and love the special offers each week. Staff great too


Stop exploiting people

Poor quality goods and services only use if desperate for a lunchtime sandwich without an alternative. Store tacky management staff too reliant on image with earpieces to be of any us- till staff great- well trained- sort quality prices and management


what a great warehouse

love the choice of products don't like the surveiilance following net searches


Good Value

Delivered in good time..extra .bags not needed so cut costs and deliver in existing bags

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