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Amazing products with service to boot

I used these products on my pride and joy (Audi TT at the time of writing) and no other brand comes close.

The names of the items can be a bit confusing but you soon get used to them. Pete at Gtech is especially friendly and helpful. Items are alwats dispatched quickly and there is also a forum you can visit (detailing world) or just email them and they are more than willing to give application advice.

If I could afford a Supercar then I'd still be wanting to use Gtech items as they are super products.


Useful beyond belief

Used nearly weekly. I always check for best savings, ISA's, mortgages. Even for the smaller things like recent discounts on items I might not otherwise buy. Definately 1 for the bookmarks menu!


Good price, good service

I've never had any issue with play and I've used them for a lot of years. When I started using play they only sold DVDs! Its nice to see a service expand that has deserved the success.


Horrendous service

My order was meant to be delivered on a tuesday. Tuesday night came and nothing delivered. I look at the tracking and the driver ran out of time.

Wednesday came and went, nothing. Tracking says I'd refused delivery. I had not. Turns out they tried to deliver to the wrong house.

Thursday, still nothing. No one is sure where my parcel is!

Friday, sending company get in touch with Yodel to discover its on their way back to them!!!!!

Order cancelled.


Again & Again

I use shopto every time I want a game for my XB360. Price is nearly always the lowest, free & fast delivery ... What more could I want?? I've used these guys for over 2 years and in that time have ordered 20+ items and have never been let down. Pre-orders always come a day early too..... great all round.


Poor support

Ordered a new tv from here recently that was broken on delivery. I phoned the PREMIUM support number and was left hanging on for a good 25 mins. When I did finally get through I was told another department had to call me back. They did finally get back to me after 4 days had past!! In that time I'd changed the fuse in the plug of the brand new TV and it was fine!! I wouldn't use again for such an expensive item.


PC's are good but....

If possible reformat it as soon as you get it. Dell, like many other big companies, have a tendancy to fill your new computer with resource intensive crud that you'll never use! You'll find that by uninstalling (or reformat if you are competant) you'll gain another 10%+ from your new PC!

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OK service

The service is fine but the site can be a bit confusing. The filters aren't very clear. Prices are pretty good though!


Great service

Used amazon a lot recently and have been using my trial of the Prime delivery service. I have to say its great getting all my items next day for free but I won't be using it after my free trial as I don't order enough to warrant the £60 a year for the service.


Great items BUT....

A huge price to go with them. Definately shop around (don't forget that Alienware are owned by Dell). You'll get a similar spec machine for a good few hundred pounds elsewhere but it won't look as pretty!


As a certified computer technician....

I'd never buy nor use any service from these cowboys. Half the staff have no idea about the information you really need to know. Their in store service for "servicing" your pc is nothing short of a rip off. Stay well clear.

Scan Computers

Good site

Good site with good prices. Their today only site is definately worth a look.


Great service

I always use ebuyer and have never had any issue with what I've been sent, delivery times or their returns policy. I will continue to use ebuyer for the foreseeable.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your positive review.

I am very pleased to hear you have never had any issues when using Ebuyer and that you will continue to use Ebuyer for your future purchases.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team if you have any further queries.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Generally good

Generally good service. At least 1 equivilent each time but they do give an instant refund if you don't want it.


Appauling service even worse website

website tells you things are in stock when they aren't and lets you order them. You then have to phone them when your delivery hasn't turned up to be told it was always out of stock and they don't know when the item will be back in stock. You then have to wait 10 days for a refund.

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