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poor customer service

whenever i go in to o2i'm told to try in carphonewarehouse across the street. they seem to disbelive me more often than not. i had a few phones over the years, but wouldnt recommend them.


lots of branches

lots of branches open 7 days. bought a camera bundle online. arrived in a week all good.


enjoyable hong kong to uk

nice experience.



fresh fruit and veg .


They hoard too much personal data and keep it forever

too many adverts. always the same websites coming up for searches.
complete disregard of personal privacy.

imo they have become too powerful and set rules for web users but flaunt their rules in their favour for greed. google want to take over the world. google wants to do away with lots of great sites such as facebook to replace with their own sites +, Circles etc..

They hoard too much personal data and keep it forever – one day years ago I was logged in and googled a certain word and now whenever I log in, I keep getting shown adverts for it  . I will never log in again. I switched to Bing. its just as good apart from the naf colour scheme.


Great for finding cheap games

when a game comes out i wait for a few weeks to read the reviews then visit gamestock to find new release games and buy them at the cheapest price. i've used the in stock checking and email subscriptions o n the site. Generally the info is up to date, accurate, and helps buy cheap games. I've never bought a console, but hear they list bundles at the bottom of game pages. great for someone wanting to find a specific console bundle deal.

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