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not the best bingo site

Probably coincidence but no matter when i go on the same names win over and over, other Sites Its A Mixture, this site feels like its a fix i much prefer other bingo sites I at least get a fair game, Not on gala.
The bingo halls themselves dont play much bingo now its all board games trying to get more money out of you with very little bingo actually played


fantastic range of products at great prices

I love this site as anything I buy i know if i'm not completely happy i can return the item even if i have used it, though everything is such good quality it's very rare i'd need to return anything.
Just one little negative, some items like revitalash take up to 6 weeks to work so won't know if it's worth the money in the 30 day money back guarantee so would like to see some items with a longer return time frame.

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best customer service i've ever known

This site is one of the best i've used, they are soooo helpfull and really know their stuff. 5 stars is not enough i'd recommend them to anyone, everything is very well packed, high quality and delivered fast.
Very nice friendly people.

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