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Simply the Best

Amazon have excelled every time I've used them, simple to use website coupled with amazing delivery and very well packed orders. Just about everything you order arrives in a box to stop from unwanted damage.

Simply the best and an example of how online shopping should be executed!


Free Delivery and Great Prices

I've been using Tekheads on and off since 2003. I haven't had many problems during that time apart from a hard drive that failed nearly 2 years into its warranty, however that was replaced via the Manufacturer with the help of Tekheads.

My latest order for a XFX Radeon HD7970 arrived the next day and with Free delivery it was a bargain! I cannot recommend enough if you want great prices coupled with free delivery (assuming you spend more than £50).


Good prices but bad when things go wrong

I ordered a £240 Humax PVR HD freeview recorder 2 weeks before Christmas as a present for my parents. The price was great, but things went down hill after that. The order took a few days to reach me, but I was in now rush, however when the item arrived, after opening the plastic shipping bag I found the box was damaged - it had the imprint of where something heavy had been put on top of it. After checking the contents of the box, I found that the top of the PVR had 2 small dents in its surface. It was clear from looking at the box that it wasn't sufficient for withstanding a journey through the uk courier network.

I thought, not to worry, I'll call the number provided in the package (it was send from DSG Group, part of Dixons). When I called, I was told that they don't deal with Pixmania issues, and I'd have to call them. After calling Pixmania I was sent an email stating I had to take photos, and send ID of the person who signed for the package. I thought this was a little over the top for a simple return and with ID theft rife, didn't feel comfortable asking for the ID of a colleague who had signed for it. I stressed to Pixmania that I was happy to send photos, but not the ID, insecurely via fax or email.

After 3 emails to their Returns department stating that the parcel would have not been damaged if it was packed properly - and that I wasn't comfortable sending ID I got no where - basically I had to send it otherwise I'd be stuck with a damaged Christmas present. I repeated asked why the product wasn't sufficiently packed, but I got no comment regarding that. I really do feel if they took more care to pack things properly, this wouldn't have happened.

In the end, I gave in and kept the product, giving it to my parents as it was on Christmas day - at least it worked, and they weren't too bothered about the dents!

Use with caution, I imagine they are perfect if nothing goes wrong, but if you want well packed goods, use Amazon.


Great Prices and speedy delivery

Just spent a small fortune on my second order with Overclock. Ordered the new Coolermaster Cosmos II case, a new motherboard and ram which arrived today after placing the order with them yesterday. Cant fault. My last order was about a year ago, and that went smoothly too, however the CPU fan I ordered was faulty and needed swapping - didnt take them long at the time and was straight forwards with no delay! All in all top marks for Overclock.

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