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I shop Macy's

I shop Macy's, have shopped Macy's ever since I can remember. It is my basic department store I have always gone to first. I like their selection of items, love their sales, and actually used to work as a sales person some years ago. I have moved to an area that doesn't have a Macy's store so what do I do? Buy on line, of course!


What a great site to bring us such a variety of videos

What an experience YouTube is! The videos on everything is endless. I can go to my favorite musical artists in a couple of strokes, or view the latest political rants. One of the best things available on the internet.


I buy and sell on eBay all the time

eBay is great, a site I visit daily. I buy and sell and everything always works smoothly. They have an excellent computer system that connects everything so you can sell, collect through PayPal, ship, etc., all with a few click of the keys. Where else can you sell something and have millions of potential buyers? Other auction sites can't compare.


Paypal makes online financial transactions easiest

I love PayPal and use it when I can. However, I have heard that there have been breeches in security, certain accounts being compromised, and that somewhat concerns me. I understand that 100% security is probably impossible these days, but I still think PayPal could put up better shields against hackers. Also it is very difficult to collect under their guarantees. They tried to stonewall me on a valid claim I had and I had to threaten to sue one time before they would pay. Then, even though I was entitled, they said they paid me as a favor because I was a good customer. I was very negalively impressed. So as long as there are no wrinkles, they are great. But watch out about if you ever have to collect under one of their insurances or guarantees. They don't pay up.


Best online company there is

I have had a relationship with Amazon from when it was first mentioned in the Wall Street Journal as a small startup company selling books. Now I order something at least several times a month, usually more often. It is my first shopping choice, whether online or off. Whenever I have had a question about something and have emailed them, I get a quick response. I love the free shipping for orders over $25 so always take advantage of that. Service is excellent. Product always what it says it is. As far as I am concerned, it started the online shopping and still is the best there is.


Easy to order, fast shipping and just the product I want. Thanks. I don't have to worry about how to get food for my babies anymore. It just comes on a monthly schedule and is automatically deducted from my credit card. What can be easier!

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