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Why buy anywhere else?

I've owned Apple products for years now, I have 2 mac minis, a mac server 2 Macbook pro's, iPhone, iPad, iPod. the whole nine yards and can say I have never had anything to say against either the products or the company.

Yes they are more expensive than the regular plastic PC's and laptops in the store but when you buy an Apple you invest in the knowledge that it will work every day. When you buy one of the others you expect to put it in the bin in 12 months because you've spent half your life waiting for some customer support to tell you why it won't start or why it keeps crashing.

If you buy an Apple computer you only buy it once if you buy something else it will break more times than it works, and if all you have against it is the fact it is updated every year remember, thats progress if Apple didn't update its products every year and keeps its customers happy you would call it a PC or worse still it would be called Windows!


Talk really is cheap

We as a family with O2 and all of its discounted Data bundles and iPhone bolt ons spent on average £250 per month, we now spend around £60 and we use the phones more.

GiffGaff really is power to people


We get the quality we expect at a competitive price

We've been shopping with Healthy Supplies for a month or two now and have found everything we order comes on time and is of the high standard we expect.

We have also noticed we are spending less, we can purchase organic produce as cheap as regular produce in the discount stores and supermarkets.

We will continue to use Healthy Supplies for a long time

Keep up the good work, you range and variety is fantastic

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