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How can you not love Apple?

Apple is a company that seems unafraid to take colossal risks and do what all others say will fail. Just because they seem to know otherwise. They set the trends, set the bar high and achieve even higher. Everyone tries to copy them, sometimes well, sometimes poorly. But this is a testament to how revered and admired this company is. Even in labor and assembly. The only technology company outsourcing to China that is creating some level of transparency and setting standards higher than the people in China are accustomed to, and certainly higher than their competition, no matter what the headlines try to say in order to get your attention. They may be a little late to getting their products environmentally responsible, but again, true top Apple, they pushed the standards high and have achieved amazing results! Some techies may feel like Apple doesn't relate to them. That's okay - this company has certainly captured MY heart!

They've also captured my pocket book. MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, 100's of Apps. And somehow I want to buy more. Say I drank the Kool-Aid! Say what you want. I love working with high quality tools. These are no exceptions!


Disappointed in them - I think they've gotten more greedy

I used to love this company. But I think the CEO speaks with "forked tongue" as they say. This is my disillusionment with their technological forays - specifically Android related. Google blatantly stole - LIFTED - code directly from Java (Oracle/Sun) and was caught in emails red-handed as daredevils. Rather than try to be original, they try to reverse-engineer everything Apple - kind of like what Microsoft did with Windows.

I also believe in Karma - what you sew you reap. Windows is finally suffering that fate. Will Google? Time will tell, now won't it?


Great Personal Service

Communication is fast and sincere - products seem consistently superior to perhaps all others. If I ever have doubt, I decide to trust this company and it always pays off!

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