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Great Service

Great service, ordered wednesday afternoon and items turned up thursday monring. Cant ask for more.

Many thanks.

The Online Homebrew Company

Shocking Compnay

So you post a review and it gets removed by the company you are reviewing because its not 5 stars and it gives them a bad name.

Other forum threads tells the truth and cannot be removed, also comes up on a google search, the truth will always come out sp why try and hide it.

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The Online-homebrew-forum


This is the worst company I have every used in my 15 years of buying online.

I purchased goods to the sum of nearly £150 all of which showed to be in stock, two days later I received an e-mail to say 90% was out of stock and an estimated delivery date. This date was pushed back and back for nearly four weeks. As already mentioned they have no phone number or direct email, they hide behind an online message system and only reply when they can be bothered.

I had to write a letter and place in the post sent via recorded delivery before they would acknowledge my request to cancel. It then took a further 20 days to receive the money that had been taken from my account for goods that had never been in stock, I only received the refund after asking my bank to get involved.

After speaking to trading standards and my bank they stated it’s actually against the law to take money for items that are out of stock, money should only be taken once the goods have been despatched.

It was never stated on the site that the items were out of stock, after reading on various forums it seems many people have had the same experience with this company, all I will say is AVOID AVOID AVOID!!

If you are unsure on which online shop to use join a Home Brewing forum and ask, people will be more than happy to help unlike the customer service you will receive from this company.

You cannot even mention this company on forums as they write to the admins demanding the thread to be deleted or legal action will be taken.

My guessing is that the Online home Brew Shop will reply to this review or it will just get deleted as bad reviews are not normally allowed on this site, it’s just a shame they cannot reply to any email you send them asking about your order or even more the money they have taken from your account for items that they never had in the first place.


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The Home Brew Shop

Credit where credit is due

I have ordered from this company around ten times in the last year and every time it’s been excellent service. Items are always well packaged and arriving without any issue. Their website is always up to date with product stock so you know if what you are ordering is available. They also hold a great rage of stock with other shops do not seem to offer.

They also use one of the best courier company’s around who are willing to leave items in a safe place if requested (you just need to enter this in the note on checkout), this is handy for me as working 9-5 and not being at home when they deliver I do not have to make a 40 mile round trip at the weekend to the courier depot.

Be sure to try their own “Di and Danny's Golden Ale Beer Kit” its amazing!!! One of the best kits I have done.

10/10 for The Home Brew Shop from me, keep up the good work guys.



Online Homebrew Company

Please can you open your site up so we can write reviews about this compnay, Online Homebrew Company. It seems that plenty of people want to write a review but are being held back by not having a code.

I have sent you an e-mail with my order ref so look forward to being able to write a review about the Online Homebrew Company.


Edit - now been able to leave a review, good comms from the support team.

Cheers guys

have a good weekend

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

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