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Good in some ways but very bad in others

Microsoft are the leaders when it comes to software in my opinion but they rarely listen to their customers on what they would like to see or need in a program upgrade.
They are a very American company in the way they run and this does not always fit well with how businesses should be in the United Kingdom. They like to have their own piece of everything and if someone does something better then they just try and kill off competition with buying companies out or buying exclusive content/hardware for themselves.
Customer support is not very good at all either, usually stuck on the phone with an indian call centre for hours when it should have been done it 10 to 15 minutes.

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No better movie site out there

I wouldnt use anywhere else to find info about a movie than here, it has it all. The review system could use a bit of work as films are always rated loads of 1s and 10s to try and balance the scores out but if people would just rate them properly then it would be so much better. Id still give it a 5 out of 5 stars though as everything else just works so well.


Good concept but bad after sales service

Ebay is a company designed to make money in any way possible. I dont see how a company can get away with charging someone twice for selling an item on their site when using their payment method. When it works its good but when things go wrong Ebay just dont want to know and its as if you dont have any rights, trading standards should look into these larger companies with fine toothcombs to hit them where it hurts as after sales service stinks.


Great when they have sales on

Fantastic deals always available from the site, only problem is a cheap price is not so cheap when it has a mandatory £1.99 on top of every item to cover postage when that £1.99 could cover the cost of a few items at the same time or in most cases an entire delivery.
Recently was able to get a load of blu-rays for £2.99 plus the £1.99 postage for each, still way cheaper than anywhere else in that case.
Highly recommended.


Great for DVDs/Blu-Ray and Books

Seeing Amazon grow over the years has been great to see the expansion in available items and its great to go to one place for many different types of goods. The problem with Amazon is that when you have faulty goods or problems they arent always very helpful. I had a hardware fault which was an inherent manufacturer defect but Amazon said i had no rights to claim a repair or replacement from them (They say the Sale of goods act is a load of rubbish) i had to go through the courts in the end to get them to deal with my faulty goods. Also bad if you have to return damaged goods, its at your own expense and in most cases they dont even pay back the cost of your postage charges of recorded delivery so the item is traceable in the mail.
Not a good way for a company to work.


Really bad to deal with when things go wrong

When things go right with Paypal its pretty good, as soon as it goes wrong though you find that all Paypals promises are just lies and loads of extra terms kick in to protect them and make them even more money but give you no protection at all.
Wouldnt touch these with a barge pole unless it is the only way you could pay for an item, id recommend using a credit card though so you can do a chargeback if you get ripped off from a seller of an item.


Nobody does it better

Google is by far the best web search engine around, nobody does things half as good as these. Also i am very happy with the way Google Android is coming along with each release it is getting better, cant wait till they are up there giving Microsoft a run for their money in the home OS markets.


Outstanding service, matched by none

ShopTo are in my opinion THE place to go for your games, cheapest prices in most cases, a great reward system in giving you points that equate to cash to use for future purchases but best of all the superb fast delivery times. I have ordered items as late as 3pm and received them the day after, never had a late item delivery, in most cases i have had games a day or 2 before release date.
Couldnt praise them more and cant really ask for more from a company.

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I am a hard working IT technician, i enjoy games, movies, music and sports. Internet is my life both in and out of work, been using the net since 1991 and have seen how it has come on over all those years and i see how it is further developing ni the future and it looks good.