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Out of stock once ordered and took a month to be sent.

Item appeared to be in stock until I ordered it. Does not reply to emails. Not sent until a month after ordering (ordered on 15 Jan, sent on 15 Feb). However the item itself was new and in excellent condition as ordered.


Perhaps The World’s Best Company

I have quite a few Apple products;
A second-hand 2006 20” white iMac with a Magic Mouse,
A new 27” Mid 2011 i7 iMac.
A fifth gen iPod Nano.

And they are all of superior quality.


A Tablet @ An Affordable Price

I purchased the Archos 70 internet Tablet, it’s a good and affordable alternative to the iPad 1.
However bear in mind it is not very good at gaming, also instead of releasing a free patch to Android 3.2 they instead released the Archos 70b tablet.


A Excellent Camera Manufacturer

I recently purchased the Fuji Finepix HS20exr and it is by far the best bridge camera out there.


Currently The Best Social Network

I admit I didn’t like the site much when I first tried it out, but it has quickly grown on me and become a great social hub on the web.


Amazing Online Retailer

Play is the next best thing to Amazon, in fact in someways they are better as they always have free shipping.


A Great Seller

A great online seller, with a broad selection of products and fast shipping.

William Cody Winters profile

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William Cody Winter
Male, 1986
Isleworth, United Kingdom


I was born in Somerset, moved to the Highlands of Scotland in late 1998. I moved to Cornwall in 2006. I now live in Isleworth, London. I am writing a horror novel of which I have done over 23 000 words. I can trace my family tree back nearly a thousand years to 206 AD. I am a direct descendent of all the european royal houses (and some others farther afield) including King Alfred The Great, William the Conqueror, King Henry I, Queen Maria of Jerusalem, Sabd Queen of Isle of Wight, King (of the Franks) Robert II Capet (the Pious) of France, Queen Gyritheof Denmark and others, I'm related to Napoleon and Buffalo Bill Cody and I am half American.