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Watch Shop

Pretty good overall! Reliable!

I bought a watch (worth £399 RRP) and it was delivered as promised and is absolutely amazing! Well done! My only moan is that the bracelet had not been adjusted to the specified size but, after a visit to a local jeweller and a fee of £10, WATCHSHOP did reimburse me £5.00 as per their terms and conditions. My experience with this company has been very good overall. Keep up the good work WATCHSHOP.


Useless, uncaring, uninspiring... and rude!

Yawn! Have you ever been into a Currys store lately? Why not either a) be jumped upon by the hawking sales staff when you look to be busy looking at something or b) find nobody in sight when you need assistance? Don't expect any pleasantries from the branch I had visited, the staff carefully selected to have no personality or friendly outlook, and yet have been specially trained in rubbing their hands in a miserly manner and grinning eagerly at the till whilst exchanging some unwelcome cheek. Thanks for warning me through this experience, I'll make a point of not coming back!


Stick your head down a drain for better assistance!

Has your vehicle broken down? Do you wish to spend a couple of hours trying to explain that you have a breakdown policy with the company through your insurer, that you have a policy number and that they have been taking payments from your bank account every month by direct debit... and yet, "sorry sir, you don't appear to be on our system"... expect to speak to several uncaring and incompetent team managers to be told that you're stranded... thanks for the atronomical mobile telephone bill by the way... Call Assist, I've seen cockroaches move faster!


Expert impartial advice, a top service, and working hard for your money!

The Skipton Building Society has got to be one of the best organisations I have ever had the pleasure in dealing with. From the first contact, I had experienced excellence with customer service, with the branch manageress in the Dundee branch actually dealing with my telephone enquiry from the outset. The service throughout the years since then has been of the highest calibre and the advice and guidance towards the right products and services has been top class. My compliments to those behind the ethos of the organisation, you have kept firmly to your princples and always put the customer first. Your staff at various branches I have visited have been nothing less than superb! The Skipton... a top performer in so many ways!!!


Expect the worst!

Expect being quoted higher than other insurers, expect extremely poor customer service and promises from an overseas call centre when things go wrong, expect to be billed incorrectly without a valid explanation, expect to receive no response when you complain, expect to be referred to a debt collection agency should you even require clarification of your bill, expect a face-less and human-less organisation to railroad you into paying something you don't actually owe... they want your money and that's all!


Probably the worst insurance company! Save yourself!

Do you want an insurance company that rips you off and fails to deliver on any of its promises and then blames other associated companies when things go wrong?! Then this is the company for you! Incompetent at dealing with enquiries, administration, billing, breakdown cover (enjoy being left stranded), complaints, customer service... its probably best just to say "stay well clear"...

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Its probably the easiest way to buy and sell!

Quite quick and simple to set up and use, Ebay is probably the easiest way to buy and sell! You can catch some bargains on here but, not always! Like anything, be pretty sure about what you're buying and who you are buying it from... use the ratings to help guide you. Ebay is a good way to sell, look at other sellers for similar items you are trying to sell and make your pitch competitive. Ebay will help out any problems with buying/selling difficulties so that you're not ripped-off by non-payment or non delivery!


O2 - a reliable mobile service for over a decade!

I have been with O2 as a mobile phone service provider for well over a decade! I have switched between different tariffs and services with ease, taking best advantage of what is available at the time. The service is so good that you can have it and forget about it! Billing is clear and easy and the signal is superb! The deals are pretty good too.


Safe, simple and easy to use!

PayPal is ideal if you are wanting to make or receive safe payments on goods and services online. I started using the service when I started using ebay and its always been a reliable way to carry out transactions. I don't always like to make online payments by giving out my debit card details, so PayPal is a good way to keep things confidential and the money goes straight out/in via your bank account. PayPal will also help you if you have any disputes with your buyer/seller.


Fast, Reliable and Super Value!

After my lengthy and "painful" ordeal as a BT customer, PLUSNET has proved to be a very welcome breath of fresh air! The transition to PLUSNET was smooth and without incident and I was kept informed every step of the way! The services (broadband and telephone) came into action bang on schedule! They sorted everything! My connection speed is far better than BT, much more reliable, my download allowance is much greater and it costs much less! PLUSNET has a UK based call centre which proved to be highly competent and effective the one time I had to briefly use it. Everything about PLUSNET is worth a mention, all good! For those of you that have reviewed this service and given it anything less than 5 STARS, I am perplexed as to your reasons apart from you appear to have had connection issues - always best to use the PLUSNET website to check connection and compatibility in your area first, it will tell you clearly what sort of connection to expect - perhaps your local exchange is due an upgrade from BT. Go with PLUSNET if you can in your area and you won't be disappointed!


BT is a whole load of rubbish!

I have never had the worst dealings with a company in my entire life! BT has been grossly incompetent in trying to deal with technical issues with a Broadband connection, with a technical team based overseas that had no idea of how to fix things but would promise you the earth! The service itself was totally unreliable and costly compared with other telephone and broadband providers... and they like to lock you into a 18 months contract! Don't do it!! Our ordeal went on weeks and then BT had the bare-faced cheek to offer a pithy £2.99 in compensation. So, if you like to be onto their "care" team for hours at a time, get nowhere, suffer a poor and expensive service, and get insulted with the compensation you are offered, then BT is the best choice for you! My advice, stay well clear!


ALDI is fantastic for service and prices!

Expect a warm and friendly welcome when you go into your ALDI, and they don't hovver over you. They will chat nicely with you, if that's what you want, otherwise you are left in peace to shop at your leisure... and yet they are always willing to help if you need it. The stock is fresh and interesting, with new product lines always coming in. The fruit and veg is always fresh and much of the stock comes as great value for money. You can get most things from ALDI, you don't need to line the pockets of the larger and much pricier supermarket chains. Well done ALDI!!


1970s Prices - Yipeee!

Primark always has the REAL bargins!! If you can't find something for yourself, you are sure to find something as a gift for someone else! Don't be duped by the expensive high street stores, Primark has quality stock and great styles so you won't be disappointed. The stores are huge and have everything from fashion (men/women/children), accessories, to things for the home.


Reliable, convenient, cheap and easy to use!

Amazon is just so easy to use! They seem to have everything that you might need. I have even bought "used" items and they have been just fine. Amazon is quick and convenient and the prices are good! If you aren't happy with an order, Amazon will quickly aim to fix the problem, so you know that you're in safe hands. Don't bother battling with the crowds and the weather in the shops, its all available from the comfort of your sofa!

National Tyres and Autocare

A better than average service

The staff seem to be experienced and competent and get on with the job, and give you some advice when its required. They are not really into conversation and you do feel a bit like just being another customer through the depot.

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