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Focus is on Making money not the customer

Asda is one of these large chains of supermarkets who are more focused on less staff doing more work, rather than customer care. I remember when Asda would welcome their customers into the shop and make the shopping experience a real treat. lots of nice little sample foods to taste and enough staff working that it did not look as if all their staff are stressed out with too much work.


Catch up!

This is one of the oldest supermarkets around. Once called co operative or co op! This shop has a long way to go in terms of catching up with the rest of the worlds supermarkets. There are hardly any bargains ( lets face it, thats why we go to supermarkets ) this shop seems to have decided not to compete for customers at all. Their goods are even over priced, and Scotmid must surely rely on their old customers from the days of the co op or they would have closed down by now. Scotmid also sell more in the line of traditional foods, Why? because they dont realise that we are a multicultural society and in the modern age! Oh and the security is a bit harsh, feel like a criminal, hardly welcoming now is it? Im not giving you my money thanks



I have never been a fan of this shop! I simply do not get it! Reminds me of the cold war of Russia! All very bland with no customer service and it all seems dull and dirty and cheap. but not in a cheery kind of cheap but an unhappy and bad vibe cheap!


Cheap and handy

Great shop to go into if you are needing something in a hurry. Anything from pens and paper to kids clothes and toiletries. Always cheap and cheerful. Who cares about the quality? Nothing lasts forever as they say! Kids love this shop too, as mummy and daddy can afford to buy their little darlings a little gift that does not cost the earth.


Delicious but boring

I am not by any means a chocoholic, but i do like a nice bit of chocolate now and again. Perhaps I would eat more If i didnt have to face the same old bars and boxes of chocolates. Come on! hows about adding a bit of variety for a change! Some of us have exotic tastes which are not being catered for. Lets have something different and not be eating the same chocolates for the next 50 years!


Excellent value for customers

I really like Iceland,I am one of the older generation who still remember the joys of having my freezer filled up at Iceland, and it always felt like I had a bargain. I still go to Iceland nowadays, but not as offten as I used too. Mainly because there is not an Iceland shop nearby. I would recomment iceland to you as i have always had good value from tthis store also Iceland is always adding new lines to their stock so shopping is always interesting..


Little America

What happened to the Scottish customer care? No tasty little nibbles for the customer to try either. Just uniformed workers working their day away in an unfreindly and cold working environment. Come on Tesco! make the place fun to be in! Welcome the customer! How about reducing some of those prices. the fruit and veg are extortionate for a supermarket!

John Lewis

Quality choice and reliability

John Lewis is a fantastic shop to hsve a good long browse in. They have a huge variety of goods to choose from and you are guaranteed to have excellent customer care. John Lewis always puts the customer first and truely go out of their way to do this. John Lewis have everything you need or want from furniture, & beauty producys to clothes and fabrics.


Elegant and pretty

Great shop for night wear as well as under wear, has really nice fabrics and prints, i can can always find something that is pretty and comfortable. Great prices and value for money. Has super bargains at sale times too.


We over price so you over spend!

Sainsburys has a wide range of delicacy foods, which is great. However the shop is overpriced and i can usually find the same goods elsewhere for less money . The staff seem to be some what demoralised and always seem to look tired and over worked. Sainsburys do have some good offers, and if you get out of the shop
quickly, you can have a bargain. I am always aware that if i do not leave with my bargain/offer, I will have over spent and therefore not really had a good shopping experience as I said they over price! So you over spend!

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