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Normans Musical Instruments


Very good service. Ordered Sunday afternoon and was delivered by Tuesday. Would highly recommend.



Order arrived within three days. No problems. Very good.


Very good.

Made a big purchase recently and everything went ok. Good site with plenty of choice.


Very good.

Have made a few order with no problems at all. Trusted site.

Overclockers UK

Good retailer

Excellent site and service, with only one downside. Will only send to the card holders address. That said when I was not in, they dropped my order off next door. A little confused.

The forum on the site is fantastic with good people and good advice.


Never again.

When the shop assistant tells you your going to have unlimited internet, unlimited it should be. The only reason I went with 3 was because of their unlimited internet. If I had known I would get conned/misold a contract I would have gone else where. When I try to speak to them I get no where. (Maybe because they cannot understand english) Even faxed a copy of the original contract where it says 'unlimited' but still nothing.

HAve now cancelled and have left this poor excuse for a mobile provider. Trying to leave was a nightmare. They refused to give me an address to send a cancellation letter. Also contract does not automatically end. It rolls over.

How the management can look at themselves in the mirror every morning is beyond me. Guess the money helps.


Sales staff dont have enough knowledge

Nothing worse than people trying to sell things they know nothing about. The only way to increase my broadband speed is to move my house or the exchange, closer to one another. An absolute imposability. Yet they insisted my broadband speed would increase if i subscribed to them. Suprise suprise my speed was the same as the old company. The price was a lot better though.



This is the first time I have ordered through Box, and what a pleasure it was. Free delivery and it turned up two days later. I was also able to send it to a relatives address because of work. (Why don't more company's allow this.) Had an email telling me what time it would be delivered. Excellent service from start to finish. Done with the least amount of fuss. Have ordered a lot over the internet in the past, this was one of the easiest experiences I've had. Well Done.

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