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Just Eat

Good for larger towns

Really great, easy way of getting a take out in a larger town, and Im sure as the site develops more and more businesses will eventually post their menus etc. Living in a smaller town on a weekend however proves to be a bit of a nightmare. None of the local take outs have joined up or even submitted their menu, but this is hardly just eats fault.
Ok service, would recommend.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reply from

Hello Mac,

I'm glad to hear you think our site is a great Idea but I'm sorry to hear that none of your local takeaways have joined, If you would be happy to recommend some you can do so by clicking the link, we will then contact the takeaway and ask them if they would like to join.

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to leave your review.

Kind regards,

David Farrer
Senior Social Media consultant


affordable and reliable

Although the flight experience isn't exactly comfortable, what can you expect from a budget airline really? Amazingly cheap prices and on the numerous times I have used them, they have never been delayed or let me down in the slightest.
Would really recommend them for shorter trips, where you can just take hand luggage and avoid the slightly ridiculous luggage charges. Not the most comfortable experience, but for what you pay, great value for money.


The most frustrating website in the world

I love the bargains that Primark offers. In store, it is excellent for picking up some plain shirts or shoes at a crazy low price. However the website is truly terrible. Although there seems to have been some recent improvements, it is still relatively useless in comparison to other shopping sites. I fully understand that Primarks range is constantly changing, therefore updating the site must be a bit of a nightmare, but even if they didn't offer online shopping, they could perhaps offer showing ranges of what they offer so you know what to expect when going into the store.


Turning average...

I have been loyal to o2 since owning a mobile phone. I love the service they provide and the signal is fantastic for where I live (in the sticks) however, the crazy expensive contracts are beginning to wind me up and the repair service is incredibly frustrating. They couldn't understand the original fault with my phone so instead replaced the circuit board which hasn't helped the problem at all. Next time, I think I will send it to HTC directly as they seemed to understand the problem a lot better when I explained it to them. Apart from that, o2 are still a good company, but they need to be more competitive in terms of pricing and benefits if they want to keep up with their competitors.


Reliable and up to date

The BBC website can be relied upon for giving the latest news updates and all of the great, most legitimate stories too. I would trust BBC news much more than various other news sites. I often use the sport section too, and since the new layout, there seems to be a little bit of an extra delay in terms of updating scores etc which can get a little frustrating. Finally getting used to the new website design after hating it at first. Now it seems much more accessible and easy to use.

Perfect for bargains

Play never lets me down in terms of finding cheap dvds and excellent t-shirts at an incredible price, but thank god they offer free delivery. The delivery of the majority of products is crazy slow, but since its free, I'm not complaining. Paid for next day delivery on some dvds, they didn't arrive but play refunded me the extra charge straight away, no problem there. I would definitely recommend play for excellent long as you're not after them in a hurry.


Good Service...however...

Amazon is fantastic for finding just what you are looking for. The range of products is continuously expanding. However, what has started to wind me up is the increase in price that seems to be going on. Amazon used to be a real competitor against ebay for cheap prices. Obviously amazons customer service and delivery system is one of the best online, however their prices are making it much more economic to shop on ebay and scour for second hand goods.


Cheap Domains, Frustrating Service

Buying a domain is an absolute bargain. However the hosting options seem a little expensive in comparison to their competitors. Switching hosts proved to be a little frustrating and the agent I was contacting proved to be less than helpful. Would recommend for cheap domains, but for the rest of the service, including buying email accounts, head somewhere else for a much more affordable service.



The AOL website is quick and easy to use, but as an internet provider, I just cannot recommend them. I used AOL before switching to BT, which I still remain on til this day. The customer service and internet connection was collectively terrible. Not a month went by without a fault or problem, incredibly frustrating. The customer service was mediocre. Occasionally they would manage to reset the line? and it would magically turn back on. Other times this didn't work and we had to wait it out to retrieve connection again. Bit of a nightmare.


Best Phone Manufacturer

Since the wildfire was brought out, I have never considered using any other phone manufacturer. The design of the handset reassures you that you have a durable and high quality phone. The android operating system is perfect. I have played around on a lot of I Phones and other smart phones, but HTC make other models my different manufacturers just seem like a child's toy. Would recommend if you want a powerful and sleek looking phone without the designer price tag (apple).

City Link

Most Trusted Courier Service

When it comes to the delivery of any parcels I purchase or sell online, it has to be City Link delivering. Not only can you feel rest assured that they will actually turn up when they say they will (unlike the vast majority of other courier companies) but the service is always fast, efficient and friendly. Can't fault them, perfect.

Best online shop for PCs

I purchased everything I needed to build my PC from this shop. It all arrived safely and in good condition. Wouldn't hesitate in using again, as they are incredibly fast and efficient

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your positive comments regarding our service.

I am glad to hear all of your items arrived safely and in good condition and that you will be using Ebuyer again.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

Richer Sounds

fantastic service

Richer sounds by far had the cheapest model of tv that I wanted. I called ahead to reserve it, no problem. They offered to extend the reservation just in case I couldn't make it. In the store itself all of the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, quick service and carried it to my car for me too. Really couldn't ask for more. Would not hesitate recommending or using again, truly excellent service.

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