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Another Great Order

Ordered 2 monitors(AOC 22 inch ones) and 2 mouse mats. During the order process I mistakenly picked some samsung monitors that I had also been considering, posted on the forums about the mistake and the guys at aria gave me a quick phonecall to confirm the changes to my order and that I would have a £20 credit left on my account as the picked monitors had been cheaper. Next day everything came and all was good.

As for the products themselves the monitors at £96 each rival others at £120 which friends have so chuffed with that. The mouse mats are one of the largest(90cm by 45cm or something huge like that) but I think for my next I will go for something smaller, the mousemat is thicker than some others like steelseries ones but at £10 each they are awesome.

Have placed many orders with aria over the last 6 months and spoke with the staff a few times when myself or couriers have made errors and they are always professional yet still human and approachable unlike staff at some places, I guess one of the great things of small companys that you don't get "cs guy number ..." but instead get Steve or Dan.

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