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Tons of Tiles Ltd

Fantastic Customer Services

Ordered dado tiles at a good price and they arrived in two boxes. Unfortunately one box was damaged (no fault of theirs) and there were a few dado tiles broken. Sent an email explaining this nd they sent replacement tiles the next day. No quibble. Fantastic service - thank you Emma :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Reply from Tons of Tiles Ltd

Hi Christof,

Thank you for writing this kind review, glad we could be of help.

Kind regards,

Tons of Tiles

Handles 4 Doors Ltd

Handles 4 Doors will open doors for you

Excellent service and they bother to respond to your emails unlike some other companies. Trustworthy and reliable.


Found this poor compared to Facebook

Sorry, I actually liked this at first but then Facebook came out and it was much easier to keep in contact with old school friends on there.

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Could be better

My shopping experience went ok but sometimes found it difficult to navigate through

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Fantastic, easy to navigate through

Laid a few bets on this which is much easier to navigate through compared to other betting websites, also better odds :)

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Excellent and so reliable

Booked many many many flights and hotels deals via as they find the best deals - guaranteed! Thank you!

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False advertising

Every time they advertise their cheap £19 a night room, it is NEVER available, nor is it the right day to book it on! Pffff!

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Good service but not suitable for everyone

Good experience with Virgin Wines when I ordered my first caseload then they sent me an email three months later if I wanted the same caseload order every three months, I just had to do nothing and let it happen automatically! Wooah! Hold on a minute, I had to email them several times to make sure they didn't trap me into buying more wine. I should be able to order more wine WHEN I want to, not when they dictate me to do do! No longer with them but it was a good service and a good deal when I used them before.

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Good service but customer service could be better

Used Sainsburys all my life and also their online service which is excellent. Just lately in the last four years, I've found my local branch customer service rude and non responsive so I hope this will not continue otherwise they will lose a life long customer.

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National Lottery

Terrible service, very inaccessible

Tried to change my username, found I couldn't. Tried to close my account then start a fresh account, found I couldn't. Tried to call them with a British Sign Language Interpreter, they would not accept my call vis a third party but would accept it if via Typetalk (which is also via a third party and besides I do not have a minicom to use for Typetalk!). Advised me to write to them so I did a few days ago and I am still waiting for a reply!

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Fantastic and easy to use

Booked a last minute trip to Moulin Rouge, and we ended up having the best seats in the house with three course meal and complementary drinks all night. I do not know whether this was a mistake but wonderful mistake if it was!

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Brilliant - best ever customer service

We booked to go to Moscow via Expedia a few years ago - a hotel. unfortunately I fell ill and we had to return home only one night. We were originally booked to go for 6 nights so we tried to claim our losses vis our travel insurance (not related to Expedia) and despite giving evidence and proof, we were fobbed off with no reimbursement. I sent one email to Expedia explaining our situation with a doctor certificate and two weeks later Expedia refunded us for the whole stay minus one night. Until then we had booked with various travel agencies but after this experience, almost always with Expedia (depending on the competitive prices). Expedia defeats the purposes of travel insurance. Thank you Expedia!

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Superb and always helpful

Unfortunately a couple of DVDs were not subtitled as advertised. HMV were happy to refund me and we continue to shop there as we have done for the last 5 years. Excellent customer service and friendly staff always ready to help out.

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Poor service from AOL, gone to the pits

Been with AOL since 1996 and back then usage was very expensive. Remained loyal as prices went down but since their call centres have relocated to India, their quality of service has gone down right to the bottom. I have a contract with AOL until January 2013 but I will not stay with AOL as I will go elsewhere for my broadband and phone line.


Dyson is just magic!

Bought a Dyson years ago, worked forever until we sold it on Ebay due to moving house (carpet to wood floor) and bought another Dyson more suitable for wood floor. After four years, it has given us such a reliable service. We now have a cleaner from a reputable company and they are supposed to bring their own hoover but they like using our Dyson because it is better :)

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Average, awkward to shop from on occasions

Found what I needed from Homebase online and reserved to collect only to find it was gone despite a text to say it had been reserved. This has happened a couple of times and also the customer service has been unfriendly.

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Not deaf friendly service from Lovefilm

We joined Lovefilm a few months ago and found the service excellent when it comes to returning damaged dvds, clicking on what we want to watch online, etc. However the information on their website does not say if the DVD is subtitled which is difficult for us to choose which titles we want to watch. When I wrote to Lovefilm, they fobbed us off to check but this is a long process of having to check through hundreds of dvds to see if they are subtitled or not before we add them to the list. We pay equal money for this alongside the hearing community and yet we feel short changed when we have to send back a third of our dvds unwatched because of lack of subtitles. The is not wholly accurate which is why we're not happy with Lovefilm's response. Also if there are less titles for us to choose from due to lack of subtitles why should we pay the same fee as the hearing community who has more to choose from? The least they could do is to illustrate if a dvd has subtitles or not for the deaf community.

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Excellent service, thank you Mark & Spencers

Online system is excellent and also so is shopping inside the store. We have been guided though several appliances by very helpful staff and ended up buying a good deal with them. Long may it continue.

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Fantastic and easy to use

Love their catalogue and easy to find exactly what I need. Just unfortunate that there is not enough information on their website about exactly what I need for certain jobs if I am a novice.


More of a woman's shop than for men

Good woman's shop to take my wife to, she loves the experience there. I have yet to find anything nice in there for men. Are all the board members too female orientated?


Excellent BBC, shame about the costs and repeats

Life long fan of the BBC TV here and the BBC Sports website. Disappointed to read about their excessive salaries to certain people inside the BBC especially when we have to pay a TV Licence to cover their costs. Get rid of the likes of BBC4 as three BBC channels (BBC1, BBC2, BBC3) are enough especially what we have to pay for!

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Good service but could be better

We have flown with Easyjet for over 10 years now and we find them good but just lately, their quality of service seem to have gone down. I just wonder if they are just getting a little ahead of themselves, thinking they can cut corners and get away with some things. Come on Easyjet, buckle up and don't become sloppy!


Terrible reception and useless service

Was stuck with Orange for a two years contract and had to pay £25 every month despite having hardly any signal on my BB and tried to call them only to be fobbed off time and time again. Even when walking into their several stores, I was fobbed off again and again when the signal was good inside their stores. I was advised to email customer services and after three emails without a reply, I gave up. Thankfully my contract ended today so good riddance! Avoid like the plague!

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Sinking feeling despite flying up into the air!

Flew with Ryanair a few times, and all of them a terrible experience. Always so many small print and you end up being charged more than what you expect to pay. Also their treatment towards a deaf person was appalling, very discriminating. Unfortunately I could not video the experience, otherwise I would have sued them. Avoid and fly with any other airlines. I would not fly with them even if the Prime Minister paid me to!

Excellent system for sending cards and being organised!

Excellent service where you can set up email reminders for the all important wife's birthdays and anniversary. In the last five years my wife has been very impressed that I've never forgotten a birthday or our anniversary but in truth, moon's system send me a reminder email a few days before (at my own request). Many thanks!

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Average service with long queues

Ordered a few times with Argos and I find the system of paying then collecting frustrating because it feels like that once you have paid, they don't care how long you wait! Record time was waiting for 25 minutes which is not on!


Awesome for keeping in touch with friends

Was recommended to FB a few years ago by a friend which I originally declined but after some encouragement I joined and ever since I am on FB almost every day. It is a great way to keep up to date with friends and family. Wow, 20 years ago, this would have been impossible and you changed a lot of people's lives especially the deaf community! Thank you FB!

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Avoid if you want a good service!

Disappointing service. Ordered a pizza online which is an excellent system but when it arrived, I paid for it and the courier sped off. There was no free tub of ice cream as promised with my order, nor did the pizza have stuffed crust which I specifically ordered. I emailed directly to my local Dominos company, over 7 weeks later, no reply. Avoid!

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Lifesaver when it come to finding information on the Internet

There is no way I would trust any other search sites when looking for those 'impossible to find' information on the net!

John Lewis

Excellent service but bit like a school report, could be better!

Excellent service but their delivery system could be improved, for example I ordered a lamp and it came in three parts, each part delivered by a different courier on a different day. Did they really think I could afford three days off work? Otherwise excellent shopping experience with JL.


Lifesaver and easy to use

Found it a little difficult to set up and also change details when moved house or changed email address but all in all a lifesaving experience. Thank you Paypal.


Big sales thought impossible via Ebay

Decided to move house a few years ago and was going to throw away a lot of things because I couldn't bear the thought of selling anything via a car boot or something similar then a friend recommended Ebay. Ever since I've even hooked and sold a lot of things on Ebay for a good price, and also bought things off Ebay for bargain prices. Out of 500+ transitions, I've only had one bad experience and that was not Ebay's fault, as it was the seller's incompetence so no reflection to Ebay. Ebay did help me to resolve this bad transition so big thumbs up to them. Thank you.


Amazon just gets Amazonly better and better!

My purchases with Amazon has increased considerably in the past couple of years. There are so much one can buy off Amazon and their delivery is excellent, second to none. I've even bought things that I didn't think possible on Amazon and this process has made my life much easier. Not only do they provide a brilliant service, their prices are very competitive too. Thank you.


Fantastic Service from O2 Deaf Guru

Found Abigail, the O2 Deaf Guru who helped me find the best tarrif for my new iPhone and she was very knowledgeable in the different possibilities I could go for. I decided on the best deaf friendly package, thank you Abigail

Protect your bubble

Easy, straightforward & a relief to insure with Protect Your Bubble

I was recommended to by a friend and a colleague and I wanted to insure my two iPhones which is vital for my business and social as I am deaf. It is important for me to be able to insure my iPhones online because I cannot call a number to set up an insurance system and's system was fantastic to insure my iPhones with. Their competitive prices were also the best after a considerable search which is why I am now going to be checking my car insurance and house insurance in the months to come. Thank you once again.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reply from Protect your bubble

Hi Christof, thanks for taking the time to review


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