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Hassle free and simple to use - what more could you ask for?

I was looking for a van to use for moving house and decided to move on a Sunday as it would be less busy outside my flat (I live on a busy main road). I looked around the local area for van hire companies who all wanted to quote me for the Saturday and the Sunday or the Sunday and Monday so was looking at well over £100. I checked on the internet and found and thought the price seemed too good to be true (half the price).
I did however take the plunge and placed a booking. The guy (don't know who) called me back and ran some (professional) checks over the phone with the DVLA and then took down my payment details only when they were sure they would rent to me.
I then got the e-mails and text messages telling me exactly where the van would be and what do do when I went to collect it. The whole thing went perfectly. I had no problems getting the van, it was a little tatty on the outside but inside was nice and clean and it felt like it was in a good condition when driving it.
Would I recommend this to my friends .... I already have. It was the one thing I was stressing about moving out with and as it turned out ... it was the most hassle free part of it!



I ordered some pillows and also some pillow covers. They arrived in excellent time with good packaging and the items are excellent! Really impressed with their website, delivery and overall price for what you get.


Customer service is excellent

I order my shopping online every week via their website and using On the odd couple of occasions where the delivery has been late or items have been missing their customer service center has always either refunded me the money (no hassle) or given me the money back for the delivery itself. I still use them now so I guess thats a good sign. Only problem is sometimes items you would expect them to have in stock which they always do in the main stores seem to be unavailable hence the 4 stars.


Should be called Home Collection Network

I have for a number of years purchased numerous items off the internet from various retailers. These include Amazon and both of which use the HDNL as their method to delivery certain items.
On the first occasion, I stayed in all day to wait for the item to arrive (it never did) and when I called they said the driver had attended and should have left a calling card (no card left).
On the second occasion, the same thing happened again and on both these occasions I have had to attend the depot to collect the item myself defeating the point of having a delivery company!
I am now again waiting in for my item. I recieved a text from them to say it should be delivered between 09:30 and 12:30 however its now 15:00 and again no sign of the driver, a postal note or a phone call to say they are on their way.
Will it arrive or will I have to attend to collect my parcel.... the chances are from previous experience I'll have to collect it so and I don't think any delivery company out there would want to have a reputation like that.


Oh yes yes yes ....

What you want from a company is a clear to understand website, clear information about price and clear instructions on delivery. My fiance brought a Samsung N130 netbook and paid the £9.99 for next day delivery and that was yesterday. I'm now using that same netbook to write this review. Based on service so far, very good, very clear and very easy.

Diamond Heaven

Much better than a high street store

Wide choice of jewellery, quick delivery and good communication from the staff there. I was able to get the delivery delayed to make sure that I was in and they were happy to assist with this. Delivery arrived with no problems Special Delivery.


Excellent service

I needed to get my HTC Hero repaired as the speaker was not working (the voice speaker when you make a call to someone). They took it in and quoted me a price and although on the first attempt they didn't repair believing it was a software problem but when it came to taking it back they fixed it within 30 minutes by replacing the speaker although they've never replaced one in this phone before. My phone is now working great and the comms with the company were top notch. Would have given 5 stars if the phone got fixed on the first attempt but it was a problem they hadn't seen before so can't really complain.


Good price, good service, cheap delivery

I brought a fridge freezer from these guys which was about £50 cheaper than elsewhere. Ok, it wasn't free delivery but it was only a £1 which you can't complain with and it was quick delivery too. Well recommended!

PS - The fridge freezer is still working great over a year on! No regrets and would def use again

Simply Electronics Ltd.

You get what you pay for ... thats why they're the cheapest

UPDATE - In true style the phones speaker has stopped working! I'd rather pay to have it repaired than send it off to them to be dealt with. Be very wary of the 'invoice' they send you. My insurance company won't recognise it as its got no VAT number, IMEI or any other details you would expect from a 'real' company.

I ordered a HTC Hero from Simply Electronics just due to the fact that they were the cheapest option at the time.
They stated that it would be 1-2 days delivery however I quickly found out that this is once they have dispatched the item which can take up to 5 working days. I though they might be quicker than that but I ordered it on the Friday and they eventually dispatched it on the following Friday.
When it arrived it looked the business, exactly as I expected. It wasn't until I started using the phone that I noticed the Android market software was missing. A long story short ... the phone is a Asia model of Hero never designed to be used in the UK. The down side of this is that there is no market software on it and I can't download the UK operating system to be put on it as the serial number won't let me.

I contacted HTC and they told me that the phone is not designed to be used in the UK and to return it to the seller....

The result now is that I have managed to get the phone working using methods shown on the internet which are to say the least 'risky' to the phone. Simply Electronics deny that the phone is not a UK model even though it came with a 2 pin plug and a dodgy 2 pin adaptor.

The help e-mail address takes 2 days to get a reply and then they don't even answer the questions you ask, just give you some generic answer avoiding the question you've asked.

My suggestion is to stay well clear ... I've learnt my lesson the hard way. Would clearly say I would NEVER use them again to buy anything that is unique to the UK market.

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