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there shopping cart is the worst, i will not buy from them again.

first you see free shipping, wow. then you pay with paypal. you go back to their site. then the wammy!!! you get hit with another 4.95 for shipping and you cannot, i repeate,cannot cancel your purchase and are held hostage for another 4.95 for shipping. I will tell alli know to stay away from these crooked peoplethat force you to pay this exzorbatant shipping fee after they advertise a decent price forthe game, then they rip you off.

stay away from these people. I spoke to their shopping cart people as we use them too and they sais they must have modifiedit to do this as it isnot partof thei software to not be ableto cance asale afterfinding out you have to pay highway robbery rates on top of market rates for a game.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reply from VideoGameCentral

This seems to be a competitiors false or bogus review. does not force shipping on an order that a customer does not confirm first. An order is shown in completion before a customer finishes. There is a minimum at the moment for Free Shipping of $65 which is explained on or site. In addtition, we have had no contact to cancel an order through phone or email from this customer. A customer who needs to edit or cancel an order can easily contact

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