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We recently moved house and contacted orange in plenty of time to arrange to have our line connected and our number transferred.As requested the BT engineer arrived the day before we moved in to connect up the phoneline and broadband service this was the 24 Feb.
we were told it would take a week to ten days for our line to "stabilize" and get up to speed.as I am typing this now on the 12 March I am awaiting a BT engineer to call tomorrow to rectify the faulty line we have finally been told is the problem.
To date I have lost count of the time and effort that has gone in to attempting to get Orange that we dont need a new router(sent but made no difference) our line doesnt need "resetting" and allowing to settle for three days.but surely the "best" one was ringing on Thursday last week to be told we were scheduled a call from the Level3 team (The "experts") between 8am and 5pm I rang at 3pm and was not aware of this call being scheduled,anyway 5pm came and went and suprise no call,I phoned again and was told by an expert(but not in customer relartions) Oh yes I knew your Router was delayed so I didn't bother calling you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! However I was not ringing them for that reason so obviously telepathy is not a strong point at orange.
It is my Intention as soon as is humanly and contractually possible to leave both orange Home and Mobile ,and I have been a customer for over 5 years as I feel totally let down by this supposedly "blue chip" company

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Confusing website ,BUT Excellent customer service

My existing computer has slowly been dying over the last week,so I decided it was time to bite the bullet and replace it.I looked at various websites, and was delighted to see my ideal replacement on the Aria site with 5+ in stock.I placed my order, requested collection and paid for the system and a cyborg mouse,received my confirmation email stating that I would receive an email confirming that my order was ready for collection within the next couple of hours.As I had a previous engagement that afternoon I toddled up to Manchester,preempting the email.When I arrived at the counter I was informed that it was 10 days wait for systems,I was NOT happy,I enquired about a refund and was told "have to speak to sales on Monday". I rang sales this morning and spoke to a young man called Steven with every intention of cancelling my order as I was unhappy with the way I had been dealt with up to then(NO telephone answering on a Saturday?,dark ages Aria) and I need a replacement before 10 days.What a difference,I was told I could have my system tomorrow if I was happy to build it myself and as I have previously built all my systems this was not a problem,but was an Ideal solution to my problem,whilst this mat not fall within everyones capability to build a system for me personally its fine.and I will be quite happy to deal with Aria again.

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