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Excellent Customer Service!

Recently ordered a quad pack of AV Homeplug adapters to replace some existing faulty ones. Service from Faculty-X was excellent. Online ordering was easy and when we queried the likely delivery of our items, we received a phone call almost immediatley to confirm despatch. Faculty-X used Interlink Express to ship their order and although there have been some variable comments on Trustpilot re their effciency and effectiveness, this is the second recent order they have brought to us and both came in on time in full. All in all, a perfect combination of supplier & courier.


Dixons by any other name

Don't expect any kind of useful service from these ex Dixons guys & gals. These are the reasons to buy anything from them - price, availabilty and most importantly, you know exactly what you want. Otherwise don't - you will only be disappointed. In January this year, I went into their MK store to look at a Blackberry Playbook, in order to see whether it met my needs. There was one on display, all wired up and ready to go and so, not unnaturally, I wanted to have a little tinker around with the touch screen and the on screen keyboard. Whilst I was attempting to do this, one of their sales staff came up - "I'd rather you didn't do that sir"- me - "I want to try some of the features out" sales rep -"well please don't, if you want to have a go please buy it first". Needless to say, I didn't buy my Playbook from

As it happens, I was able to try it out elsewhere, without obligation and subsequently bought one online.

I've used Dixons Photographic many times in the past but only because I knew what I wanted and they just happened to have itin stock at a good price. Can't imagine why they are no longer on the high street and have been replaced by a reduced number of - they do say a leopard cannot change its sopts :-)


Worst Credit Card Company I have ever used

What can I say - they are terrible. I sent them a £1000 and cancelled my DD but because I didn't inform them, they charged me a £12 DD returned fee. They had my payment before the due date and even the CS rep agreed that the money had been received in time, the charge would stand. Anyway, the account is paid up and closed now and I will not use them again. I don't suppose it matters to them - they ar a big US based concern and probably have millions of customers.

By the way, those of you using Amazon credit cards - they are managed by MBNA, so beware.


Yodel (HDN by any other name)

I buy quite a few items online from a number of suppliers. Some of them use Yodel and there are two types of delivery from them - signed for and no signature required. In recent times, I have not been around when Yodel deliver and regrettably, orders being delivered where no signature required, have been left in a 'safe place', which involves the delivery driver dropping the package over a 6 foot gate. One delivery, which came during the cold and snowy weather at the back end of 2011, lay unattended from the day it was delivered (Thursday) until I returned from a trip away the following Tuesday. During that time, there had been frost and damp conditions, which affected the packaging. In the end, although the items were not obviously damaged, they didn't work as expected and were returned to the supplier.

My advice - check who the courier is before you confirm your next online order and insits on a signed for delivery - not only is it a more secure method, you won't get parcels dumped in inappropriate places. if in doubt leave it unconfirmed and go elsewhere. Suppliers will soon get wind of any trends applying to the courier service they are using.


Great Products very average service

I have been a cable customer of Vrgin since 2000 and have always been impressed by the speed and technical superiority of their broadband service. However, when things go wrong, it's actually quite difficult to get sorted out in a quck and efficient manner. Firstly, if you can get through to their Technical Support, the accents rather give the game away that their support is based in the sub-continent of India. It's clear that their 'advisers' read from a pre-prepared script, which they may or may not fully understand. Most of the 'solutions' involve switching off and re-booting - which may well be the case in many situations. However, if there is any kind of technical query that runs outside of their remit, answers are rarely forthcoming. Also, if you ring during UK daytime, a wait of 15-20 mins is not uncommon.

Realistically however, as there is no relevant competition in our area - cable comes out top every time in terms of speed and bandwidth, one has to put up with VM idiosyncracies, as there is nowhere else to go. If you live in a Virgin cabled area then the choice is clear - just don't expect perfect service when errors and breakdowns occur.

As for cable tv, no thanks - Freeview and FTA satellite for me - it's a mugs game paying upwards of £1000 per year for stuff you will never actually get to watch all of what's available.


Better than average

I have been using Tesco online grocery orders almost very week for the last 2 years or so and almost without exception, they have delivered to time, with 99% order/line fill. Occasionally, if they don't have an item, mostly I don't allow substitutions - firstly because of specific dietary requirements and secondly (mainly the reason they don't get 5 stars), because their pickers choose sometimes very inappropriate substitutes. It's not however restricted to the instore pickers - the online order system sometimes throws up some strange alterntives for items not currently available. One other minor point is that I always request my order to be delivered with bags - however on occasion, at least one tray will turn up with unbagged goods, which can be annoying. Finally, there are occasions when products arrive with a much shorter than expected life - they normally announce these on the order sheet (but not always). However, compared to other home dleivery services, Tesco a definitely better than most.


Amazon always delivers!

I have been an online customer of Amazon for 20 years. During that time, I have ordered a variety of items in different categories, including books. cds, dvds, kindle books, mp3 downloads, as well as a range of computer related hardware and digital accessories. In all that time, I have found their service to be first class, with goods arriving well packed and in excellent condition. I use 'Super Saver' deliveries most of the time and one very encouraging point is that goods often arrive a day or two earlier than estimated. Amazon seems to work on the basis that if an item is available and ready to go, they will send it out - sometimes next day, even though their Super Saver is supposed to be up to 5 days.Pricing has always been very competitive and it is only occasionally that I might find the equivalent item at a better inclusive price elsewhere.

Perfect Service - Perfect on time Delivery

Ordered a refurb'd Laptop on 22nd Feb 12 and received as arranged on 29th February to the exact minute of the timed delivery. Item was received in good condition and was up a running within a couple of minutes. No faults everything works fine. Asved well over £100 vs a brand new one with similar spec. Would definitely buy again.

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