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Excellent Mincer

The delivery was very fast and the mincer is excellent and very heavy duty.Thankyou.


The Best There Is !!

We have Miele washing machine,tumble dryer and dishwasher,all of these are fabulous.They do an excellent job and last virtually forever.I cannot praise them enough.


Mostly Excellent

My only reservation is igoogle which is slow in the extreme and the new version has nothing to recommend it at all !!



Your service is good unless you have to ring up,then it's the worst in THE WORLD!!!


Disaster !! NO STARS

Should be banned by the government with immediate effect as it is a danger to society !!!

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Great Store with reservations

I like shopping in Morrisons,but as it is in the city, is not very convenient and has a lot of very dubious customers with whom you are in close quarters (due to it being near low class housing) as store very small.More out of town stores and home delivery soon please !!


Absolute Rubbish

I used to buy a lot of my clothes from here,but no more as they are so expensive and the quality is poorer than ever before.

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Quality and service deteriorated recently

My Grandmother,Mother,me and my daughter have been faithful Sainsburys shoppers but no more.Food is not quality like before,stores are more like horrible Tesco,the only good thing is TU clothes,they are excellent.


Fast delivery,reasonable prices,good advice if you ring up.


Stores unappealing- service dodgy.

Home delivery staff excellent,but instore staff often poorly trained.Some produce is good,but very variable.


Product excellent but Customer service appalling !!

I would choose not to use sky if I could,but it is the best product available if you have no cable access.When anything goes wrong it is a nightmare,be prepared to spend evey waking hour on the phone for at least a week,and then get an visit from a rude and incompetant engineer.


Prices much too high

Dyson vacuums perform well for the first 2 weeks then become no better than much cheaper products.I have wasted a lot of money buying them only to be disappointed each time.They also constantly need parts replaced as they wear out quickly.Surely, as they are so expensive they should wear better ?

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I have been a faithful fan.

The BBC is mostly excellent in my opinion,but programmes like eastenders so lower the tone and provide a terrible example for young people that I cannot give 5 stars anymore.Inspector Montalbano however is wonderful,long may he continue !!!!

John Lewis

Gone downhill recently

I always buy my electrical goods from here,as the quality,knowledge and customer service are second to none.The same however cannot be said of the catering.I would always lunch at the store whilst shopping in the city,but no more,a coffee in the bistro maybe but the food and value for money in the big restaurant is a disgrace.The staff are now all unkempt and unshaven boys dressed in black,and looking like assasins instead of the pleasant and appropriately dressed female staff of the past.It is a nightmare in most of the store to find somewhere to pay or someone to ask advice from.The knitting and sewing dept is no longer the pleasure that it used to be either.Come back the real John Lewis store please !!


Brilliant !

Ebay is one of my chief pleasures in life.


Dishwasher tablets excellent value NO STARS

The above is the only good thing to be said,everything about this store is disgusting,the staff are the lowest of the low,as is the atmosphere and quality of the premises.

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I would always shop here in preference to any other store,customer service and produce all of the very best !!

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Would choose no stars if possible !!

What a rubbish company,goods,cleanliness of stores,customer service all RUBBISH.

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I've used Amazon for at least 10 years,their service and variety is second to none !!

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WAS EXCELLENT with recent reservations

EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR COMPANY IS TOP CLASS.I have found my recent orders have not arrived the next day,in fact one took a week !!! Will be buying from chemistdirect from now on.

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