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Great service

Couldn't say if the web site is as good as the shop I use (Poole) but the service and knowledge in the shop in Poole is brilliant.
I know what I need but sometimes not the best way to sort it out or what parts I need. The guys in Poole have saved me money and have never sold me anything I don't require.
Great service time and again, oh and the reserve function on the website is great as it gives you the chance to save what you "think" you want before spending.

Good but not great

Purchased from Play for many years now and 99% of there own products have been superb, delivered on time and the price has been great.
Issue with the sellers they now support and allow to sell via there web site - Play Trade - sellers are NOT so customer focused and returning faulty items is a nightmare.
Buy from Play but be aware of the traders, my experience might be in the minority but its never been good dealing with the traders on there :(


Not bad , could do better

Moved to Vodafone from 02 thinking that it would be better for signal around the country.
Didn't get what I though I was going to get though, in places there is no signal at all.
Maybe I am just unlucky but other than that the service and help has been superb, no issues with the company, just the signal could be better in certain places around the country

Trophy Store

Simple, Quick, Superb

Ordering was very simple the process was quick and hassle free, the only issue I had was the choice available, LOADS and all different styles, spoilt for choice :)
Payment was hassle free and I even got a phone call to confirm the text and layout.
So its, Simple, Quick and the service and quality is superb.... Recommend to friends... Already have :)

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Colin Dowding
Male, 1965
Poole, United Kingdom


Warehouse & Production Manager.
Purchase mainly via the internet now as I don't get the chance to roam around shops, leave that to the wife :)
My reviews are MY opinion and they might not agree with yours but thats what makes the world go around... being different is a good thing.