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I never seen a business this terrible in my life. They had told me, and i made sure multiple of times the dress will definitely be in 5-7 business days. The lady had told me, "Yes mam, our website and business is 99% accurate." She lied, if her store was 99 percent accurate i would have my dress right now. I waited and waited for an email saying the dress is being shipped, never shipped. My prom is May 4. And I ordered my dress 2 and a half weeks ago. I had called her about 5 times. She told me to hold while she put her supervisor on the line. Well, again, I waited for about 23 min. on this supervisor to pick up. To me it seemed as if she was trying to get rid of me. She told me the night before, I will get my supervisor to call you in an hour. I called at 10 and she was gonna call at 11. I said no , that is way to late she can call me in the morning. The lady says, yes mam, I will get the supervisor to call you. Finally, I find out my dress won't be in until April 25, a week before my prom. There is no way I am risking that. Seeing all these reviews with different colors, and sizes, not the right dress, I will not risk this. I think this place is terrible and has the worst service ever. DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL REGRET IT ! I think it is messed up how they had lied to me, and i called 3 times to make sure they can get me the dress within a week. I need to get alterations as well. Turns out, it wouldn't be in for a month. They should really have contacted me and told me this occurrence and wait for this dress. This place is unbelievable and is going to get reported to the better business bureau.

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