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Terrible service

The company does not provide fast or quick internet, it is riddled with "download limits" despite being advertised otherwise. It usually times out, and if you're using 2 laptops at once expect the internet to be extremely slow, or just not work at all.

The BT Home Hub is one of the biggest cons going - You can't replace this router as it has the modem built in, yet it's wireless range is pathetic. It also can't handle more than 3/4 connections at once, and needs rebooting at least twice daily. I had bought a Netgear Router for my old house and it was perfect, when I moved in here and found I was not allowed to use it because BT force you to use the Home Hub I felt so let down by the company. That's hard earned money on a BETTER router and I'm not allowed to use it because it's not riddled with BT Open Reach bullshit support. Rant over.

ZiiP GameStore


Honest great guys, great price, fantastic service and I take my hat off to them. I was sceptical at at first but now I'll try to buy everything from Ziip.

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