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I have been blocked from online shopping !!

Always had problems in the past so stopped using Asda but they emailed with a delivery pass for £5/month so I bought it thinking that , maybe , they had improved.....wrong!
Turned up with £300 shopping (my weekly shop). The ice cream was defrosted, which I pointed out to the driver and he just said "oh, that will be ok", the substitutions were totally inappropriate, the fresh produce was so near it's sell by date it should have been reduced for quick sale, the list is endless. The drivers attitude stunk and in the end I saw red and told him to take the whole lot back....his face was a picture !! Back fired on me though as I had to wait ten days for the money to refunded, had to quickly do a tesco shop and had to borrow the money to get the essentials in.
I have had to use ASDA for this Sunday as we are going to the lakes and they are the only shop that delivers up there, logged on to find that every delivery slot had been lined through. Tried my home address and the same thing, in essence they have blocked me from using home delivery. How petty and arrogant is that?????

Festive Lights

Very helpful company

Very informative ad helpful on the phone and the patience of saints with all my inept questions !!


Very good

Good prices and very speedy delivery


Easily the cheapest but delivery was painfully slow

Cheapest by far, but needed the items in a hurry and there was nothing to indicate that there would be a hold up. Several days later, they eventually turn up.

If they had emailed to indicate that there would have been a delay, I could have cancelled the order and purchased elsewhere.


Excellent, good value company

Found this company by fluke on internet but have found them to be very good on prices and very quick delivery with excellent packaging.

Recommended highly by me!!!! :-)

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