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Messed me around with delivery

I had a really bad experience with Currys.
The website was ok and in-store the staff we're ok.
But after ordering a cooker and arranging a delivery date,
they messed me around and my respect for Currys quickly diminished.

I had a delivery organised for a Saturday and I not only got a call a week in advance I also got a text the day before telling me the delivery was happening. After waiting around for almost the whole morning I called up just to check that the delivery was going to happen. I was FUMING when I finally got to speak to someone from "Know How" and was told that the delivery actually was not being scheduled.
The lady on the phone at first said it just was not scheduled and I must've been mistaken, but then after putting me on hold she gave the feeble excuse that a delivery man was off sick that day so they were short staffed and were just about to call me, but I managed to call them first. After giving her an earful about how she had wasted my saturday I did however manage to get the delivery scheduled in for the next day on sunday - which it actually did come early in the morning but that meant wasting another day of my precious weekend waiting around and sorting out my cooker.

I don't recommend using currys for delivery if possible.

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