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Good company

Good company im on contract with, although it says you have more muintes when you actually have less and this makes you go over your bill we had to exsplain what had happend and they replied that, it goes from 3 days before wat your actualy balance is and that we didnt have to pay it - we also refused not to pay and they agreed with the problem and that it had been happening to a few people


Good company

Really good range of choice on channels hard to beat ,good price.



Asda omg ,I highly reccomend you can shop in asda and get everything ,EVERYTHING you need from food ,to house hole cleaning, to gardening ,baby ,clothes, its really really on top of every shopping centre and winning by far. The price is amazing and unbeatable ,service is great on delivery and in store. Everyone should shop at asda!



Really fresh ,alot of choice, clean. Although most of the sellers are a different race to you ,you cant understand what there saying and when you sau what bread you want they get it wrong ,and they only wear one glove sometimes and its unhigenic


Amazingly heavenly

Georgous chocolate



Good prices, good quality



Good site:)



Good offers, presentable and well clean and placed shop

Travel Republic


Not bad would reccomend tho


Highly recommended

Beautifull rooms ,good space, clean and reliable



Good averts and offers


not bad

good but could of been better


Widely likeable

realaxing, big and recomendable


Well displayed and advertised

Well advertised and displayed site with catchy offers ,adverts and loaded with colour.


Good site

Good offers, Good price



Foods not too bad and flight was well organised and comftable


not bad

I prefere i phone


Good price but not so good taste and quality

Would recommend if your not a fussy eater and you want to pay less for your shopping ,most the food is frozen not fresh and they dont sel much healthy good not fresh fruit replaced by packaged sweets. Meat is horrible and food is really bland and you can taste the quality


Highly recommend

Brilliant network to be with, fast forward and rewind button so good if you ate adverts but you can only fast forward so much. You can pay for films and you get to watch it in a certain ammount of days or it timed by hours or watching also you can watch some films for free. You get different packages at good prices would recommend also you can watch tv programmes for free which you have missed at any time as many times as you wish.

T Mobile

quite good

Cheap ,easy ,simple



Delivery is amazing on time and well packaged. There website is well structured and smart. There shops and tidy and clothes and shoes are good prices for good quality clothing also there is a shop next to nothing and they sell old next produce for cheap really good. Highly reccomend


its ok

I don't really like to shop in tesco although there fruit and veg is good ,but I have found horrible bits of meat in pasta pots ect and there was an orange fly in a packet of crisps I brought in a meal deal. The produce is not worth the money and its very exspensive you dont get your moneys worth.


Fresh produce ,good quality ,high standards

Food is really fresh and tastes lovely although some food are bit to exspensive and not worth as much as there priced although they and fresh and well packaged you can tell the difference


Good store

Good ammount of phones on show and information, staff really helpfull and can be onit too much some times. Its not like we can rob a fone can we there fake 0_o lol also ques your waiting forever



Fruit and veg are really fresh, you get your moneys worth and good quality. Really good prices and really fresh produce highly reccomend although some foods do taste cheap but not as many as you would think such as the rice snaps are just like rice crispies


:) cool shop

I dont shop at primark that often but the clothes are good price but it shows in quality you can get really good small and large gifts for really good prices like braclets primark make lip glosses and makeup ,creams and makeup brushes. Also shoes and bags and good if you love your shoes and bags then have a look in store you will be susprised I brought a pair of jelly sandles for £2.50 and beautifull well made heels for £8.00. There under wear and pajarmas are great



Really good phone network to be with you get good offers for your money and they do things like ook a duck game on line every time you top up where you pick a duck and you can win ,Holidays ,credit, texts, trips ect.



Love all bbc channels


Good site

Although I thought funky peigon was better


its ok

After starting to use talk talk we started getting loads of calls on our mobile and house fone selling offers to us on things we dont even use such as different service providers talk talk when we already had it 02, sky ,and more. Although the line is cool.


Love it!

Argos is amazing really quick and fast. In store there are 3 steps and you get through them really quickly, although you have to wait for your number to be called out. Well boxed items and good sized shopping bags. The website is well displayed and if the product you want isnt in store they will give you a (postcode) locator telling you where you can get I thought it was really good. Would reccomend also I wish argos was like toys r us and you could walk round wit a shopping trolly or basket lol but i suspose it would have to be huggeee aahaha


Amazing site and well trusted

Pay pal is highly reccomended by me, I use it alot its quick, easy and simple also really safe and honest.

John Lewis

Beautifull shop

The auniments are beautifull ,cutlery ,table clothes, beddings, clothes, makeup ,shoes, everything is well made and treaseable. The shop is well in order and the staff are high mateanace although if you dont go in the shop dressed to perfection they look their nose down on you which when my dad went in his work clothes to buy my mom perfume for her birthday they rushed him along and said well this perfume us £60 and this one is £35 would you like the £35 pound one they said and my dad said na ill take te £80 one and pulled out a wad of money there faces he said and lauged and said ill take 3. Then a few months after my dad took my mom in there to buy a dress for a christening and to buy me some birthday gifts we were dressed up because we were going for a meal and two staff came over and wouldnt leave us like a rash just goes to show they want money


Tesco is reasonable

Tesco is a shop which would suit only certain people, not some where everyone goes to. Although there free range chickens are susplied by chef, Hugh Whittingstall the food trys to copy brands not keep in line compotition with other shops in price eg there own brand crisps have tryed to copy walkers and the same pic of the back of the walkers packet of crisps they have the same pic in the same place. The food is poor quality the fruit isnt bad but ive shopped at aldi or my fruit and veg and that has been well better. Im not too keen asda is alot better and morrisons


Ebay is fab!

If your a shopohlic and you like to ponder on the web to see what you can find to buy for low prices or need to get rid of old or unused things and want to earn cash then this site is for you, you can buy new or second hand good for next to nothing also good deals. I would reccomend. Only bad point is you dont know who the person is who your buying your goods from and who your giving your money to and you could easily be coned.


Google is the best !

Google is the best search engine I have ever used, i have tryed ask jeeves but its no where near as good. I can type in anything and something will come up also it gets really to the point and other suggestions come up as well also there are tabs for pictures, web ,good earth and more. I would highly reccomend this site ,I dont use any others appart from this.


Our family used to love dominos take away but now weve been disapointed

Nearly every weekend we used to order from dominos takeaway. We stoped ordering from there around 2 months ago due to door quality and rations as I would say. The food has basiclaly going to be thrown in a box but they could do something better to make it look more apatsing also the box never changes and looks slightly boring. The meat is quite greasy and fatty and it never used to be also meat we had before was brown that was in the chicken strippers. The pizzas they dont put hardley any toppings on and you pay around £16.00 a time for 1 large pizza its a rip off really its dough and sauce and veg or meat and it fineally chopped ye the food is nice but its got worse and less I would say that I would reccomend dominos but you would be getting ripped off you can buy much fresh and nice pizzas yourself in your own home. I would buy a dominos take away maby twice a year


I was happly pleased with my flight

Around 3 years ago now I flyed with ryan air ,everyone says how it a low cost air line and its low in rating although we enjoyed our flight to ireland at a really good price and good flight although the food was exspensive and horrible no taste at all, but thats most airline food ? we had enough space and comfort also air line staff were quick on the mark to give us our orders also friendly and plesant. We would travel with ryan air again but not on a long haul flight would reccomend but not for a long period of time .


best network site I have used

facebook is a well displayed and informated site. It has help buttons easy to get to and many different apps and ways to communicate with your family and friends. Only bad thing is its not 100% sure to be safe. would reccomend tho, just be carefull in what you do ,say and put on there.


An amazing ,well packaged, good price, brilliant quality - Highly reccomend,!!

I would highly reccomend this site because, the shipping came really quick within 2 days ,the packaging was divine really neat and tidy and well touched everything I brought had been taken into consideration of a put into there own packaging into a well packagedd box. All my products I had brought were better than on the photos. I'm a very cautious and weary buying when it comes to internet shopping but I trusted this site and it was everything it said and more. I was that pleased with my purchise that I orded more items 3 days later and to my susprise I didnt think they was going to arrive untill monday and they came saturday day :). Would really recommend thankyou holistic shop ,x

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