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Great one-of-a-kind merchandise

I have purchased jewelry from a couple of the artisans and have been extremely pleased with everything. Artfire is an excellent place to buy something unique at a reasonable price.


Great experience

I have purchased jewelry, handmade soaps, and candles from the artists on this site and have been pleased with every purchase.


Great stuff

Love the online Coach store. They ship FAST!


Great place to begin

Overstock is a fantastic site to begin the online shopping trip. They have great prices on almost every single item. Sometimes I can find the same thing on Amazon for a little less. The shipping cost is usually the deciding factor. You can't go wrong with Overstock.


Unique, beautiful merchandise

Everything they have is unique and artisan made. It is always presented beautifully, with a descriptive story card and brief information about the artist. I have spent thousands of dollars with this site. I look to them whenever I want to give an outstanding gift to someone.



Can't say enough good things about Amazon. Started out buying books from them years ago. Now, I look to them FIRST for everything. I have made innumerable purchases from Amazon and have NEVER had the first problem with any transaction. They are the far!


Let the buyer beware

I have tried to use ebay on two occasions and had a terrible outcome both times. When you get stiffed by a seller, they will tell you it is a PayPal matter. When you contact PayPal, they will tell you it is an ebay matter. Thus, the endless volley begins. I have never had this problem with Amazon, so I am sticking with them. You will be wise to do the same.


Outstanding Company!

If you need to order medications online, this is the place to go. Their customer service is outstanding, they ship in a timely manner and their products are the highest quality. You simply can't go wrong with this organization.

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