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great new up and coming network

this is brilliant for people that don't want to be tied down to a contract but like tariffs and offers.

low prices

National Lottery

What's not to like £1 for a chance of Millions

plus 5 is a good addition, now i have more chances to win.


If it wasn't for "Force Close" HTC would be perfect in every way possible

HTC's are one of the best phones on the market they are competing at the the very top along side; Apple and Blackberry. the Android market is what really sells them.

Great phones, the Look, the Touch, the Style.

would recommend any to buy a HTC


Customer service, Sales jargon

About 3 month ago me and my boyfriend went in to Maplin, we were buying things to use on games consoles we had managed to rally up around £75 worth of items in about 10 minutes we only had 5 items.

One of which was a game console opening kit which normally retailed at £39.99 but was on offer for £25, which we thought was a bit much when there were similar products on the market a lot cheaper. as we went to pay for the item. i spotted a smaller kit for £5.99, £19 cheaper.

But according to the customer sales advisor "it doesn't have the correct sizes that you need" but sure enough after we had purchased the items. and had a closer look at the incredibly cheaper kit, it had the correct sizes.

Very bad customer service he just wanted the bigger sale.
items in the store are good but there sales is very bad.


Great Customer service, Fast, Friendly And Efficient!

Every time I go in to Argos it is always a great atmosphere, always receive good customer service, I have never waited any longer than 3 minutes for a product. The price is reasonable.
The website is easy to navigate around, You highly recommend.


They are lucky if 40% of the time they are any good any good at all!

3 Have to be one of the worst mobile phone company's that there is. they have a very poor customer service line, i would not advise anyone choosing them as there network providers.
they make there tariffs enticing so that they can get you hook, line and sinker with there extra chargers, there offer you 1 month free trials to applications on your phone but forget to inform you that it will be added on to your bill after the first month.

You can take up any enquires in the shop you cant even go and sort out problems with your bill.

The customer service is poor, (service with a smile, pft you'd be lucky) they have inadequate technical support.

The main positive is they are one of the first to get the latest phone on the market

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servicce with a smile

when goign to ASDA to never feel like you are going shopping it is a happy and friendly place to go, the service is of a high standard and some friendly staff, always clean and safe



good quality, for the price, decent service, sometimes looks like a jumble sale but overall they are fast, friendly, efficient.


good service

this is a good company and fast service, but compared to eBay i don't think the layout is as good.


Customer service

When you internet is running slow and keep disconnecting it isn't their problem (your service provider) its always your dater-links or your telephone or your area! they never want to help or even be on the phone


good website and idea, its just the focus of british tv now

the website is a great idea keep intouch with friends and family but the website is too well known for its drama, bulling and jeremy kyle.


Couldn't live with-out

is hassle free, fast, safe, secure!


always looks interesting

great icons and good links


Fast courier pick up, fast quality check & quick payment.

I found the on a whole offered a immense amount more than any-other recycling company.
One example is:
Tenko : Complete BBC Series Box Set
Music-magpie offered me:£0.30
Webuydvds offered me:£19.20

A courier came 2 days after i put my items on their site, and they were polite and friendly on the phone when arranging the pick up.

i was told 3 of my items failed the quality check, and if i could double check my address and after a further 2 days my cheque came.



excellent customer service



great website

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