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Very efficient ordering system and delivery, with reasonable prices.


Great iron. Pretty bad service.

I ordered a steam-generator iron online. It arrived satisfactorily. However, it didn't work. I phoned Go-Electrical. A woman answered the phone but, bizarrely, said she couldn't speak on the phone! I must put my complaint in writing. When I said that wasn't acceptable she said petulantly that no other customer minded (a comment not likely to pacify the customer). It was difficult to arrange a new delivery and swap-over of irons but we arranged a Monday. No-one came, no-one told me they weren't coming, I had to phone G-E. They were sorry but their carrier had let them down. They needed to re-arrange. The trouble is that carriers dictate the delivery rules; you have to free up a whole day, from 9 to 6. You're asked if a neighbour can deal with it and, when you say no, you're made to feel as if you're being difficult. I can't be the only one who at this point becomes upset and somewhat aggressive. The carrier lets you know on the day by email by 9am which specific time slot you have been allotted. This means I had to get up early, although I'd had a very late night, in order to come downstairs, switch on the computer, get through to my emails, in order in this case to find the carrier was not coming till lunchtime! Why on earth can't the carrier, or the company, notify one by phone or text? Why on earth can't Customer Services provide a phone service to the customer, especially as they are on the phone!

That said, G-E had run out of the iron I'd ordered and replaced it with a better model, which is brilliant, so thank them for that.

Further, the women I spoke to were, overall, very pleasant and clear. However, the icing alone is no substitute for the cake!

The service needs serious overhauling, including liaising better with the carrier, or changing the carrier, or bringing a carrier in-house. The poor delivery man who brought the second iron had never been on the route before, had been given no map, not been allowed to pack his van himself so didn't know where anything was and, at the time he got to me, had had to miss out 10 people as he had not been allowed enough time to sort himself out.

As a general point, I am sick of companies sub-contracting and then bleating when they lose control of their sub-contractors. The responsibility lies with the seller, not the carrier.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reply from Go-Electrical

Thank you for your order.
We ask for complaints to be in email form so we have a written record of any problems that we can keep on our system and if needed pass to the courier or manufacturer. As the customer support team deals with all matters through email they do not have a direct phone line, which is why the ladies in the sales team ask customers if they can email in. We are very sorry that you were not contacted to let you know the couriers were unable to deliver; they hadn’t alerted us to the problem. We are of course investigating this matter with DPD to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. We will make sure all of you comments are passed onto DPD so they are made aware of the situation. We will also pass your comments onto the entire Go-Electrical team. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused by this matter, and thank you for shopping with Go-Electrical.
Kind regards,
Jennie Moor
Customer Service

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