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Securest, lowest resource stealing and easiest to use COMPLETEST package out there-est!

I have stayed with Bitdefender ever since I did my thorough research for the best complete package in anti-virus and total security control for the internet and I haven't looked back once. I have successfully recommended Bitdefender to family members, friends and colleagues who have all stayed with it too. You can be as geeky as you like with it, some days I want to explore my system and configure every little part of it, the next I just want to leave it on AutoPilot and just get on to playing games and doing my work (in that order!) Since I have been with Bitdefender I have not had ONE virus or problem with getting any dirty files on my computer, not with that security guard watching over me - Thanks Bitdefender, keep up the good work!!!


Amazing and unique

Subscribe to a few things and upload my own videos for family and friends and it's brilliant.


Amazon Service is the Best I've ever experienced

There was a time when I purchased an Asus Netbook. It lasted 10 months and the hard drive packed in. I sent it off to Asus to repair and they were not terrible. When I got the Netbook back it lasted 5 days and packed up again.

When I called them back they said I had to get a specific receipt this time (for some weird reason) with a bar code on it and to get it from Amazon. I called Amazon and they said to return it back to them for a full refund!!

I was blown away but it works, even if I see a product in the shops cheaper (very rare) I will still order it from Amazon.

Wonderful from the offset

Even though you didn't have one of the two items I ordered you spared no time in letting me know when the item would be in stock.

Would be perfect if you had an In Stock counter when ordering, but hopefully that will come in time.

I will however bookmark your site and look there first thing when I purchase my next related item.

Thank you again.

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