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Most innovative company in the world

I always have PCs in my home and at work. I however is an absolute fan of the iPhone, for its ability to "almost" replacing my laptop use. Now with the AirPlay and Mirroring capabilities, I no longer need any cable or satellite services. Everything I watch is streamed from the internet.


Most convenient place to buy high quality clothes at great discount

I can always find my favorite clothes at Macy's due to their huge selection and very competitive pricing.


Most valuable video services to the world

I can now find almost anything I want on YouTube. The HD quality is amazing, but their server sometimes choked on the streaming demand and provided very choppy video.


Most innovative company

I love the Google calendar, which is universally used on most web sites. Also their Google Voice has no challenge in the world, for what it can do and is free at the same time.


Most trust-worthy way to pay my bills.

I always choose to pay with PayPal when I can, since it is so convenient. The only think that I don't like is that PayPal does not let me default my payment source to my credit card, and default instead to either Bil Me Later or my checking account. That is quite lame.


Great communication tool on many different computers.

I always use Skype on my PC and my iPhone, since I can carry video call with friends and family, using 3G/4G, not just WiFi.


Good company to go to when you cannot find in Amazon

eBay usually has the items I want, despite the fact that many eBay vendors sell counterfeit goods (e.g. fake Nike shoes). I always have to double check what I order to make sure that the items are authentic.
eBay has the benefit of being flexible, where I can advertise anything I want.


Reputable, trust-worthy company to do business with.

All of the vendors on Amazon which I have dealt with were reputable and always delivered what they advertise (i.e. no counterfeit, like I sometimes ran into in eBay).


Excellent price, service and prompt shipment

I love the Beige training shoes (style 1206), which I use all the time. I previously asked to change my order to Black, but "luckily" the company did not change the color, so I still received the Beige color, which I really like.

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Avid International-style Ballroom and Latin amateur dancer.